An 11-year-old boy killed a 10-year-old girl because she would repeatedly defeat him in online games

An 11-Year-Old Boy Killed A 10-Year-Old Girl Because She Would Repeatedly Defeat Him In Online Games

INDORE: An 11-year-old boy from Indore killed a 10-year-old girl because she would repeatedly beat him at an online game.  He crushed her head with a stone in a field on September 8. Children have been playing the online game since the beginning of the lockdown. The boy was reportedly furious with the girl as she always defeated him in the games.

According to the Times of India report, the girl died on the spot and the boy locked himself in the bathroom after committing the crime.

The victim studied in class 5th, she and the boy used to play online games daily. The boy was being defeated continuously by the girl which infuriated him. He took the girl to the field and killed her by hitting the face and head with stone. He then ran towards his home and locked himself in the bathroom.

DIG Harinarayanchari Mishra told the reporters that the boy has confessed to the crime. He also urged parents to be extra vigil with their children’s online activity, and actively discourage them from gaming addiction and aggressive behaviour.

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