From Adversity to Victory: Ankita Srivastav’s Unyielding Spirit in Conquering World Transplant Games

From Adversity To Victory: Ankita Srivastav’S Unyielding Spirit In Conquering World Transplant Games

Ankita Srivastav, a 29-year-old Indian athlete, has triumphed in the World Transplant Games held in Perth, Australia, from April 15 to 21, 2023. This determined young woman secured a gold medal in the long jump event with an impressive 3.06-meter leap. Additionally, she clinched two silver medals in the 3000-meter Racewalk for women and the shot-put event, achieving a throw of 28.31 meters. Ankita’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed, as she had previously brought honor to India by winning gold medals in long jump and shot put at the 2019 World Transplant Games in Britain.

However, Ankita’s journey to success has been marked by immense challenges, starting from her childhood. She excelled in both sports and academics, filling her family with joy whenever she brought home trophies or medals. Unfortunately, in 2007, her world was turned upside down when her mother fell seriously ill and was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, a devastating condition considered second only to cancer.

The family was devastated, and after seeking multiple medical opinions, the only remaining option was a liver transplant. But finding a suitable donor seemed like an insurmountable hurdle. Undeterred, Ankita took it upon herself to research liver transplantation on the internet, despite the limited information available. Over the next four years, she persistently convinced her mother to consider the operation.

By the time Ankita turned 18, her family reached out to prominent hospitals across the country in search of the best possible healthcare. Finally, they found a renowned hospital in Delhi, where, on February 26, 2014, her mother underwent a critical operation, with Ankita selflessly donating 75 percent of her liver. Days later, Ankita, confined to a wheelchair, cautiously entered her mother’s Critical Care Cardio Unit (CCCU) room. Their silent communication spoke volumes, as talking was prohibited due to the risk of infection.

Ankita’s presence left an indelible mark on everyone she encountered, from the CCCU to her mother’s room. Eyes filled with deep respect and sometimes even tears, recognizing the profound bond shared by this courageous daughter and her ailing mother. Despite the pain she endured, Ankita found solace in her mother’s loving gaze. She had to be exceptionally careful while sitting, standing, and walking for months. But despite her sacrifice, fate dealt a cruel blow, and her mother passed away in June 2014.

The Srivastav family was shattered, having lost their pillar of strength. Ankita, only 19 years old, faced the responsibility of caring for her grandmother and younger sister. Witnessing her mother’s daily struggle and her father’s abandonment at such a tender age, she hardened her resolve. Fortunately, life took a turn for the better when Ankita found employment at a publishing company in Bhopal, where she met Manish and Swati Rajoria. The Rajorias not only adopted Ankita as their own daughter but also provided unwavering support throughout her educational journey and personal growth.

As life started finding its rhythm after unforeseen hardships, an opportunity arose that awakened Ankita’s inner athlete. A family friend introduced her to the World Transplant Games organized by the Olympic Association, igniting her passion and encouraging her to participate. Undeterred by past challenges, this courageous young woman made up her mind to stand on the podium and prove her mettle.

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