Argentina: an 18-year-old girl was raped on her first day at work by her boss after drugging her

Argentina: An 18-Year-Old Girl Was Raped On Her First Day At Work By Her Boss After Drugging Her

The aggressor remains free!

A young Venezuelan woman was raped in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by her boss on the first day of work. The 18-year-old girl responded to a post requesting an employee at a medical uniform sales store. The young woman was in need of the job and replied instantly.

According to the Es Re Viral report, the man, who used the false name of “Santiago” Garzón Martínez, attended to the girl through private message. Among other work-related questions, Garzón asked her if she was single and if she would like to go out with him. She replied that she was only interested in work. The subject told him that he could start two days later. He gave her the address and told her that the first day would be a trial.

The victim’s lawyer said it was not the first time that Garzón published job offers among chat groups of Venezuelan citizens. “We were contacted by a girl who is willing to give testimony, but we have not yet been able to interview, that something similar happened to her, although not so serious. They also contacted her to work and she felt intimidated in the job interview, “Baqué said. And he concluded: “Surely, as the days go by, and when we can see the file, we will know more.”

The incident occurred on Saturday, when the complainant was summoned for a job interview that she had coordinated the day before through Facebook. Apparently, the defendant asked her to have dinner that day in order to talk about the job, a proposal that was rejected by the young woman, who finally agreed to appear on Saturday morning at the premises on Paso Street. The young woman said that during the work day the defendant offered her a glass of soda or juice several times, and finally agreed to have something around noon.

After drinking a glass of water, she began to feel dizzy, so she texted her mother, and then called her sister.

Victim’s mother immediately reported the incident. Police personnel soon arrived at the scene and found the place with the doors closed and the blinders down. After calling several times, the police entered, arrested the man and found the young woman lying on a ladder in the shop floor, her torso half-naked and allegedly under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

Garzón Martínez tried to escape but was detained by police personnel who found at the scene, among other things, a blister with pills.

The young woman’s family called a march to demand justice and request the arrest of the aggressor. A message from Thais Campos, mother of the victim, became viral on social networks, calling for the march: “I am the mother of the raped girl, this is a call for a peaceful march this Thursday at 10:30 am in Paso and Viamonte ”.

The protest takes place in front of the place where the young Venezuelan was abused. The protesters demand that Garzón be jailed.

Earlier Judge Karina Mariana Zucconi decided to release the rapist, despite the fact that he was discovered practically red-handed by the Police of the City of Buenos Aires at her location in Paso 693.

According to the victim’s mother, laws in Argentina do justice for “the rapists, but not for the victims.”

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