Jane Fonda Underwent Cosmetic Surgery To Be ‘Liked’

Jane Fonda Underwent Cosmetic Surgery To Be ‘Liked’
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If You Don’t Look Right, You’re Not Going to Be Loved,” Jane Seymour Fonda, an American actress, political activist, and former fashion model, has believed since childhood. Jane Fonda underwent cosmetic surgery to be “liked.” She has been outspoken about her breast augmentation and facelift operations, admitting that she did them due to her insecurities. In an interview with the Guardian, the 82-year-old remarked: “Well, no matter what I do, I’m stuck with this idea: if you don’t look good, you’re not going to be liked.”

As a result, I’ve always tried to look my best. When you’re poor, I believe you cut yourself, and when you’re wealthy, you have plastic surgery.

Jane says that she is happiest when she is alone. She married filmmaker Roger Vadim (1965-1973), activist and politician Tom Hayden (1973-1990), and billionaire Ted Turner three times (1991-2001).

“I’ve always had a difficult time when I’ve been around weak men. I’m five years older than my father was when he died, and I’ve come to realise that I’m actually stronger than he was. I’m more powerful than any of the men I’ve ever married.

Fonda is also an environmentalist and a political activist. She has been arrested several times, the most recent being in December 2019. When asked if the arrests worry her, she says, “No.”

“The bit about fear – I’m not sure why, but I’m not terrified very often. I’ve been shot at and had bombs thrown on me in a variety of situations, but I’m not terrified. Maybe I’m afraid of emotional intimacy. That is where my terror resides.”

As a published author and a lifelong learner, Jane looks up to the younger generation for inspiration. She aims to understand how they “know what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say, and they bring amazing insight.”

Fonda believes that action is the best antidote to despair. And who knows who you might inspire if you can put yourself out there?

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