Kavita Lakhani: President Of Women’s Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Kavita Lakhani: President Of Women’s Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Kavita Lakhani, Executive Director at GolinOpinion, is the National President of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).

Kavita is among the top 16 Women in Indian PR Consulting. In an interview with the Business World, she said, “I am thrilled to be working alongside such a talented and distinguished team of WICCI office bearers. Together we will continue to build strong partnerships and relationships within the business community, as well as actively work in the area of policy advocacy.”

In a career of two and a half-decade, Kavita has won various accolades including Leading Woman in Media award by Women in Leadership Forum India in 2011. She is also a proud recipient of the Women Leadership Award by the World Women Leadership Congress in 2014.

Kavita Lakhani is a strong proponent of gender equality and the increasing role of women in the workplace. She says, “The communications industry in India has been very male-dominated for so long. It has undergone a huge transition in the past few years and I personally think we are a lot better off for it.” She further added, “I’ve started to become quite interested in the dynamics of more senior women at the top of organisations, and embedded right throughout as well, as the role that they play is in making the workplace more nurturing, welcoming and a more creative environment.”

Kavita is currently working as an Advisory Board Member at FinLabs India, and her tenure as the President of WICCI will complete in December 2021.

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