Let’s Re-Work Our Mornings For A Healthy Living: A Quick 6 Step Guide

Let’S Re-Work Our Mornings For A Healthy Living: A Quick 6 Step Guide

1. First thing in the morning: DRINK WATER

8 hours of dehydration has the capability to make your day crappy if you won’t rehydrate. So ladies, drink your way to a healthy, chirpy, glowing a glass full of water. This is the first step because it is non-negotiable. I can’t emphasise much on the health benefits of a glass of water in the morning. It is nourishing and soothing for our internal organs, and you won’t believe it, but it’s the most potent immunity booster. All the monks, entrepreneurs, achieves whoever inspires you is waking up to a glass full of water. You can google it and check. But don’t skip this one. Water is an absolute MUST.

2. Pleasant And Happy Thoughts Only

If a glass of water is ideal for a healthy morning, then a smiling you is equally if not less ideal for a fruitful you.

Here’s a thing, if you sleep meditating on happy thoughts, you’re likely to wake up happy. Correct the sleeping pattern and see your life change in a month. Just 30 days of sleeping in a state of happy, fulfilling, joyous thoughts and surprise yourself with a new, better, healthier YOU.

Getting up happy is important, but so is staying positive and smiling throughout the day. Okay, stop, I know I am asking a lot. So let’s just keep our mornings happy. In fact, let’s ensure to make them happy against all odds. Just the mornings. Simple, right? I hope you are saying yessss. 🙂

3. Smell The Coffee Beans

I love the aroma of coffee, smelling the beans in the morning are therapeutic for my entire day. You can obviously choose your satisfactory and soothing smell. Some people like the smell of early morning mud, grass, fresh air, whatever it is, indulge in that smell, be around that environment for at least 5 minutes every day.

Smells are a great way to freshen up our mood, and instantly uplift and energise. There’s a reason that the perfume industry is one of the biggest in the world, also why we have the collection of colognes for every occasion. A good or bad smell can be a game-changer. Pun unintended.

4. Relish The Morning Meal

No points for guessing, a healthy breakfast keeps us active for the day, so keep an eye on your plate and your morning indulgence.

Avoid excessive oil, fats and proteins for breakfast. Keep it healthy and light. A fresh bowl of salad or fruits will be perfect, if not, then you can have a slice of bread with boiled eggs and fresh juice. The idea is to stay away from heavy meals.

And and, pay attention to your meal. Always be aware of what you are eating. Feel those crumbs in your mouth as you chew and swallow them. In other words, avoid gushing over your Insta feed or binging on some series as you eat. Just eat. Enjoy what you are eating. Be with your food completely.

5. Take a new route

Yes, that’s right. Of course, you won’t be able to find 30 new routes for 30 days. The idea is to do something new. Since we are focussing on morning routines therefore for a working person looking for an alternate route to their workplace can be an interesting new discovery.

Keep finding/doing things that you haven’t done before. Be like a child. Devote 15 to 30 minutes every day with no responsibilities of a grown-up. Give time to yourself, but a time wherein you act like a child, be like a child, wanting to explore, to know more, love and laugh more.

6. Meditate

Yes, we all have heard about meditation and its benefits and whatnot. But let me try to simplify what I have understood. For me, meditation isn’t about sitting still and focussing on one thing. It’s more to do with being present in the moment. Or in other words, be completely immersed in one action at a time.

For instance, if you are reading this article and you’re paying full attention to the article then you’re meditating. Yes, it’s that simple.

To put things to perspective, meditation isn’t about sitting still. You meditate when you do any activity with single-pointed attention even drinking a glass of water can be meditation, if at that moment you are only focussed upon drinking; every sip, every gulp of that water. One activity at a time.

That’s all from my end. Let me know in the comment section below how did you like or not like the article. Your suggestions or some other pointers that you think should be included. And hey, share your morning routine below.

Thanks for reading.

Much love!

Featured Image: Chermiti Mohamed/Unsplash

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