Shocking video of people trapped at the Anaivari waterfalls

Shocking Video Of People Trapped At The Anaivari Waterfalls

Five people, including a woman and her child, were trapped in a sudden flood at Anaiwari Falls in the Kalwarayan Hill Range due to continuous rains. Two teenagers fell into the river as they climbed the cliff to the left of the waterfall to escape after successfully rescuing the mother and her child. The teenagers then swam ashore and survived. Following this, the forest department has temporarily banned tourists from visiting Anaiwari Falls.

Anaivari Falls are located in the Kalwarayan Hill Range near Attur in the salem District. It is maintained by the forest department as a tourist destination. There is a boat ride, a tourist bath in the waterfall and a hut park for children to play in the forest area. The local carnival attracts a large number of tourists from Attur, Perambalur, salem and Villupuram districts.

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