The Most Beauteous, Captivating and the World’s Only Floating Lake: LOKTAK LAKE

The Most Beauteous, Captivating And The World’s Only Floating Lake: Loktak Lake

Manipur is the land where Mother Nature has showered her love with a lot of love and abundance. The emerald green valleys, beautiful landscape, dense forest, lustrous lakes make it the shining crown of the northeast. Manipur the Jewel of India charms us with its simplicity and tranquility and takes us to a paradise. Many places in Manipur are worth visiting but the World’s only floating National Park – Loktak Lake creates fascination, curiosity, and feeling of ecstasy. The sparkling water of the lake will make you skip your heartbeat. The silence and simplicity of the morning hours fill you with a mystic kind of music, which takes you to a land of wonder. 

The Group of Miniature Islands

The iconic lake is situated in Bishnupur District of Manipur. The lake is famous for its circular floating swamps called as Phumdis (local language). Standing on the floating land is actually possible in this amazing place.  When we see it from above, it resembles numerous small islands. But the most interesting part is Phumdis are not islands, they are a collection of floating heterogeneous masses of vegetation, decomposing organic matter, and soil. These phumdis are formed naturally and are found in various forms floating on the lake. It presents a visual treat to the eyes unseen anywhere else.

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The Keibul Lam Jao National Park

The lake has earned the laurel of being, `The Wetland of International Importance’ under the Ramsar conservation. It is spread over an area of 286  The attractive feature of this beautiful lake doesn’t stop here. It has the world’s one and only floating National Park: The Keibul Lam Jao National Park. An ecosystem in itself, it is the favorite abode of the variety of birds, animals, and reptiles. Flora and fauna are spread in abundance in the lake with around 425 species of animals, 320 species of aquatic plants and more than 100 species of birds.

It is called the Paradise of Birds. It is also the haven for the migratory birds.  Black kite, Northern hill myna, East Himalayan pied kingfisher, lesser skylark, lesser eastern jungle crow, Burmese pied myna are some of the frequently sighted birds in this region. The beauty of this lake is even more intrigued by the presence of the rare species of animals such as Indian Pythons, Sambar and Barking deer. Moreover, it is home to the endangered Manipuri brow-antlered deer, Sangai which is indigenous to this area.

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Lifeline of People

The lake has played a major role in the life of people of Manipur. Not only it is the habitat of such various forms of biodiversity, but also it plays an important role in the economy of the state. Due to its role in the socio, economic and cultural life, it is considered as the lifeline of the state. Its water is a source of irrigation, drinking, generating hydropower electricity as well it is the livelihood of many fishermen who live here.

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Paradise is in danger

For every travel enthusiast, it is the best place for many memorable experiences. But Loktak Lake is slowly coming under the threat of pollution and overfishing is slowly destroying its beauty.

It’s time to show care to this beautiful jewel of Manipur otherwise the lake will also be endangered and lost. The place which once used to be every poet’s dream will be lost forever. The sparkling water of the lake, the miniature islands, the diverse variety of birds, plants and animals all will be lost.

Next time before we think of any international tourist spot let us give Loktak Lake a chance.

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