Watch: Iranian women burn their hijabs and cut their hair in protest against the moral police

Watch: Iranian Women Burn Their Hijabs And Cut Their Hair In Protest Against The Moral Police
📷 In an act of defiance, Iranian women burn their hijab and cut their hair. (Image: Twitter)

The death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who fell into a coma after being arrested by Iran’s morality police, sparked violent protests that have left the country in a state of shock. The police unit that is in charge of enforcing Iran’s severe dress code for women, particularly the wearing of hijab in public, has already come under scrutiny in recent months due to its excessive use of force.

Ever since the tragedy, Iranian women across the country have been organising marches and strike calls to register their protest against moral police. Some of the women are leading the protest, and some of them have taken off their hijabs in public, risking detention. Additionally, people have used TikTok to publish videos of themselves chopping off their hair in protest.

Discomforting videos that demonstrate how “moral police” hold and torture women who they believe are not wearing a “decent hijab” with great brutality have surfaced.

Filmmakers, musicians, athletes, and leaders in politics and religion have all expressed their outrage over the killing on social media, both domestically and abroad.

“Do you really want to know how Iranian morality police killed Mahsa Amini 22 year old woman? Watch this video and do not allow anyone to normalize compulsory hijab and morality police. The Handmaid’s Tale by @MargaretAtwood is not a fiction for us Iranian women. It’s a reality.”

Who Is The Moral Police?

On behalf of national or regional authorities and in line with their interpretation of the sharia, the Islamic religion police, or morality police, as they are known in Iran, are authorised Islamic vice squad police organisations.

The morality police, which are in charge of enforcing Iran’s stringent dress code for women, including the wearing of a hijab in public, have already come under increasing scrutiny in recent months due to their excessive use of force.

By the end of July, women were not allowed to wear brightly coloured clothing, tight-fitting clothing, or coats that did not reach their knees.

What Are The Hijab Laws?

According to the Islamic Hijab Rules, it is illegal to go around Iran without covering yourself or wearing a hijab. Since the country’s Islamic revolution in 1979, Iranian legislation has mandated that all women, regardless of nationality or religious affiliation, wear a hijab, which covers the head and neck while hiding the hair.

But over the past 20 years, many have gone above the norm by letting their head coverings slide back and show more hair.

What Happened to Mahsa Amini?

Mahsa Amini and her family were reportedly travelling from the western Iranian province of Kurdistan to the capital, Tehran, to visit relatives when they were imprisoned for allegedly violating the country’s strict dress regulations for women.

Amini was allegedly beaten in the police van, according to witnesses. However, the police dispute this claim. During her arrest, Amini’s family was reportedly informed that she would be released following a “re-education session.”

Soon after, Amini was taken to the hospital, where videos of her lying unconscious were circulated online. On Friday, Amini died of head injuries.

Outraged by her passing, women demonstrated outside their homes to denounce the crimes committed by the moral police. To read the full report, click here.

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