Womanhood, oh womanhood

Womanhood, Oh Womanhood
Womanhood, oh womanhood,
A journey filled with highs and lows,
With struggles and triumphs,
A never-ending road we go.

We face challenges every day,
From societal norms and expectations,
To the weight of the world on our shoulders,
A constant battle of self-reflection.

We are told to be strong,
But sometimes we feel weak,
We are told to be independent,
But sometimes we just seek

The comfort and support of others,
To lift us up and carry us through,
The tough times and the tough decisions,
That womanhood often puts us through.

But we rise above it all,
With grace and determination,
Because we are warriors,
Of strength and resilience.

We are the backbone of society,
The mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends,
We are the ones who hold it all together,
And we do it with love until the very end.

So here’s to all the women out there,
Who face challenges every day,
May we continue to stand tall,
And never lose our way.

About the Author

Meet Neha, a creative writer with a passion for crafting engaging stories and characters. With a background in literature and journalism, she has honed her skills in both fiction and nonfiction writing, and has a particular interest in exploring themes of identity, belonging, and the human experience.

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