5 reasons why you need to be teaching sex education

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Teaching Sex Education

The word sex is taboo. Talking about sex can be awkward and that is the reason why sex education is so important. The power to normalize the conversation about sex and to empower students with the knowledge needed to establish a lifetime of sexual health.

5 reasons why you need to be teaching sex education.

1. Teenagers think that they know everything about sex

Teenagers are so much exposed to the media through sexual videos that they do not have an idea how unrealistic the sex they have been exposed to. Sex in the media comes with no consequences. There is no fear of being pregnant or being infected by sexual transmitted  disease. There is no focus on the emotional impact of having casual sex. The actual act of sex itself is completely dramatized setting up completely unrealistic expectations. As an educator one needs to make sure that proper education is provided to them and which represents reality.

2.Teenagers are not becoming sexually and emotionally mature

Puberty is the time in life when the body becomes sexually mature and can reproduce. Now, as adults, we know that just because the body becomes physically mature the mind and heart are not ready for it. Students need a trusted guide as they attempt to navigate this new time of life. There is so much unknown and once again we can pass the buck to the media or we can commit to empowering our students to thrive and teach comprehensive sex education.

3. Middle schoolers are interested to learn about sex

Students want to talk about sex and understand the major physical changes that are happening. Sex is a natural part of life without it humanity would cease to exist. One needs to provide a space for them to talk and learn about sex.

4. People will have sex at some point in time

It calls for an education where they need to know about sex and sexual health so that they do not make wrong choices.

 5. Sex education empowers healthy choices

A common argument against sex education that it will entice kids to have sex. Neglecting a topic won’t help them to wonder about sex any less. When a student is taught a factual and comprehensive sex education they are empowered to make healthy choices.

Wrapping up

There is nothing to be ashamed of sex, like birth it is also a natural process. Hence it is our responsibility to supply correct education to the kids. The human tendency is to find curiosity and pleasure in sex and society would be much safer if teens know about their needs and desires and are well informed.

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