5 Things women need to stop apologizing for

5 Things Women Need To Stop Apologizing For

For women to asset their worth to make a conscious stride to overcome the need to apologize. Are we ready to adopt the ‘sorry’, ‘not ‘sorry’ attitude?

The acceptance of this definition has undermined our authenticity, personal boundaries and also the power of voice.

There are 5 things I advise women to stop apologizing for:-

1) Showing emotions other than happiness

Many women can actually relate to this that there is an unrealistic expectation with them that women who constantly do not project happiness are nothing but damaged goods. There are so many times where we have witnessed that women have apologised when they have cried. Happiness is a relatable emotion and while projecting that women need to be happy all the time would be like surpassing our true self. We are lying to our self. As a human, we need to express every bit of our emotion that may spark than it does to suppress them.

2) Holding people accountable for unacceptable behaviour should never be accepted

This is something a lot of women have been practising since their childhood. Many women in order not to get caught in the throes of guilt for daring to speak up has given up on themselves. If someone tries to locate your boundaries if you have the very right to confront them. Anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise is manipulating you. We can’t control everything in life and so take responsibility for your own decisions. If you tried to apologize for all the slightly shitty circumstances, you would be saying sorry on repeat for days on end.

 3) Saying no is not bad at all

No is no. You definitely  don’t owe a 10 pages essay on why you don’t want to do something. When you allow people to doubt your own right in a way you are— your own personal boundaries . Explaining why you said ‘no’ is justified but don’t,let anyone make you believe that is prerequisite to finalizing decisions. Saying no is a final decision not negotiable.

4) Stop apologizing for being human

Let’s face it real life life is not about a Marlyn Monroe movie. Glamour is a hard work that is hidden from the public and like most hard work it eventually fades away.There are times when your hair is in rollers,or maybe you have a zit and you need to burp.

Your entire value as a woman should not be flushed down the value because the secret got out that you are not perfect.You just don’t have to apologize for being human.

5) Being dynamic and outspoken is not something that is just reserved for men

Here your chance to do up when you have let yourself push away from all the boundaries. Your voice has the power to change the world so don’t hesitate for it.

If you are caught in a moment where anxiety kicks in and makes you question your value, take a step back and say, ‘ I don’t need to apologize for this. Hey sista, stop apologising for being you.

Featured image: Francisco De Legarreta C./Unsplash

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