7 sexist comments that would show how India won’t have gender equality anytime soon

7 Sexist Comments That Would Show How India Won’t Have Gender Equality Anytime Soon
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A majority of the Indian population has now started to speak on gender inequality that is deeply rooted in our Indian society over the years. Although there have been no textbooks to guide us through such a patriarchal society, there have been a million voices who have tried putting their opinions and we all know that the fight has not been so easy. It is also a sad thing to know but other sexes always come secondary to the male sex.

Gender bias is all around us. When people judge a gay couple on road and when a girl is blamed for being molested are the few things that you hear from time to time which prove that we still have a long way to go and cut off such gender biases to become a true gender tolerant India

1. Behave like a lady. Don’t be so bossy

This is one of those sexist comments that woman hear all the time. Women who show their confidence by talking about their accomplishments are seen as bossy braggarts. However, women who show their confidence through their actions, not words are seen as effective leaders. The most disturbing thing is that men aren’t held to the same standard and that strong, assertive women can’t be seen for the awesome leaders they likely are.

2.” Ye gays aur hijras society kharab karte hain . “

The situation for transgender communities isn’t so dour everywhere. In their quest for acceptance, transgender people have found it in an unexpected place and socially conservative to the core. Although there have been rights and laws yet they are often looked down upon by the majority of people.

3. For a girl, you are quite funny

Women are meant to be fragile and lady-like and hence if they carry a funny bone with them they are usually considered to be an alien or often questioned upon. But, wait don’t have these female stand up comedians to prove them wrong?!

4. Between you and your boyfriend, who is the man?

Another question to dig a grave on our sexist society and to prove that men are considered as superior idols and how they should be always Idolized.

It’s great that she is earning more than her husband. But once she has a baby she has to quit- why on earth is that needed? We can balance both at home and work!

5. He dances like a girl

Men too fall prey to this. A man who can dance or sing is considered to be too feminine and are often looked down upon.

6. She is a bartender? Is that even a woman’s job?

If you are a woman who has worked in bars for any length of time, chances are you have experienced some form of sexism. Chances are good that you didn’t tell anyone about it. Although the real change won’t happen overnight, there are things you can do right now to address the problem.

7. Why are you acting so bitchy? Is it that time of the month already?

This is for every woman who, whether assertively stating an opinion or adamantly disagreeing at all, has been dismissed with a simple. ” Looks like someone is on her period. “

We are hopefully waiting for the day when such sexist comments come to end and humans are respected as humans and not based on their genders.

Featured image: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

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