The Disabled with extraordinary abilities

The Disabled With Extraordinary Abilities
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3rd December is the international day for disabled people. The greatest genius in science, art, and sports who have congenital, injury-related, or sickness-related disabilities depict humans’ dynamic nature in the face of affliction. They are role models for millions of healthy people who give in to adversity.

Stephen Hawking

A Scientist in physics, cosmology, and astronomy, was paralyzed from head to toe due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He communicated with the world around him by a state-of-the-art computer, and his wheelchair moved by a kind of facial movement. Stephen Hawking’s reputation made ALS disease more famous around the world.

John Nash

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He was an American mathematician and professor at Princeton University. He had mental illness paranoid schizophrenia. Professor Nash heard unrealistic sounds and was afraid of nonexistent dangers, but gradually he could manage his mind’s delusions and illusions. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. His life was depicted in the movie “Beautiful Mind” and the documentary “Brilliant Madness.”

Nick Vujicic

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The founder of Life Without Lambs was born in 1982 without limbs. As a child, he faced blatant violence and discrimination and on the verge of suicide. He is now the ambassador of encouragement to the disabled of the world. Traveling worldwide, he motivates people with disabilities to seek rights and take part in society. He has published several books and has been a guest on many television networks, and starred in a short film called Butterfly Rotation.

Farida Kahlo

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A Mexican surrealist painter suffered from Poliomyelitis, and her right foot was paralyzed. Having had a bus accident at the age of 18, she had a fracture and serious bodily injury in the chest, shoulders, back, pelvis, and legs. Most of her life was spent in bed because of physical pain, but she became the most famous painter of her time and one of the twentieth century’s legend.

Andrea Bocelli


The Italian musician, songwriter, and tenor singer was born with dim eyes. He lost his eyesight completely at the age of 12 due to injuries sustained during a football match. By the age of 6, he could play the piano. Having been blind, he spent all his energy and talent on music and studied law simultaneously.

Eighty million pages and CDs of him have been sold so far, and he has been bestowed dozens of international awards. In the Adriatic Sea, even a beach has been named after him.

Alex Zanardi


The world car racing champion lost both legs in an accident in the 1990s. Three years later, however, he returned to racing with artificial legs and won four races. He withdrew from the competition in 2007, designed a special tricycle, and won three gold medals at the Paralympic Games.

Ray Charles Robinson

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Coming from a low-income family, became blind and orphaned at seven and fifteen. He founded the School of Soul, a mild reaction to rock and jazz’s usually loud music. As one of the black American music movement founders, he won nine Grammy Awards.

Michael Fox

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The star of the sci-fi comedy Back to the Future, contradicted Parkinson in 1991, at the height of his success and fame. Although he initially became depressed and indulged in using alcohol, he later founded the Parkinson’s Disease Research Foundation and raised $ 233 million. After 27 years with the highly advanced disease, he devotes his time to assist people with Parkinson’s.

Helen Keller

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An American writer and civic activist who lost her eyesight and hearing at 18 months, learned to read by touching the speaker’s mouth and throat. She was a women’s rights activist fighting for Women’s suffrage and was one of the first blind and deaf people to graduate from university.

Jorge Luis Borges

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The Argentine writer had faint eyes as a child. He became blind at the age of 55. He was called by some literary critics the most influential writer of the twentieth century, and some consider him the father of Latin American fiction. Borges’s labyrinthine and imaginative prose is both glorious and straightforward.

Never did he write a novel and is well known for his short stories. He wrote somewhere that I have always imagined that heaven is somewhere like a library.

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