Altina Schinasi: The Visionary Behind Cat-Eye Glasses

Altina Schinasi: The Visionary Behind Cat-Eye Glasses

Altina Schinasi, an ingenious name that reverberates with artistic innovation, creative prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her story is interwoven with the history of modern American culture, encapsulating the realms of art, design, and invention. Schinasi is most renowned as the creator of the iconic cat-eye glasses, an enduring symbol of mid-century style that continues to be a sartorial statement in the 21st century. This article aims to delve deep into the life and accomplishments of this groundbreaking figure, illustrating how she transformed our perception of style, fashion, and creativity.

The Early Years of Altina Schinasi

Born on August 4, 1907, in New York City, Altina Schinasi was the daughter of a Turkish immigrant, Morris Schinasi, who found fortune in America through his tobacco business. Her early life was one of privilege, but that did not deter her from developing a keen interest in the world around her and pursuing her creative instincts. Altina Schinasi’s education in the arts started at the Art Students League of New York, later followed by her studies in Paris under the guidance of renowned artists like André Lhote and Fernand Léger.

Schinasi: The Visionary Artist and Designer

Schinasi’s artistic oeuvre was as diverse as it was compelling. She was a painter, filmmaker, and furniture designer, constantly shifting between different creative realms. Her work was often imbued with her reflections on society, an aspect that rendered a unique depth to her creations. As an artist, Altina Schinasi exhibited in some of the most esteemed venues, such as the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Art Institute of Chicago. But her artistic ventures did not end here.

Altina Schinasi’s flair for design extended to functional and decorative objects, including an innovative line of furniture called “Chairacters.” These chairs combined functionality with a sculptural aesthetic, and their anthropomorphic design echoed Schinasi’s unique take on the world. Like her cat-eye glasses, the Chairacters continue to be celebrated for their inventive style and artistic novelty.

Schinasi: The Inventor of Cat-Eye Glasses

Altina Schinasi’s most defining innovation, however, lies in her invention of the cat-eye glasses. While today, cat-eye glasses are a staple in fashion eyewear, back in the 1930s, eyeglasses were purely functional, devoid of any fashion-forward considerations. Altina Schinasi, with her visionary prowess, perceived a gap in the market for stylish, aesthetically pleasing eyewear for women. She wanted to introduce a product that would not only aid vision but also be a fashion accessory, much like jewelry.

Inventing the cat-eye glasses, also known as “Harlequin glasses,” Altina Schinasi offered women an opportunity to incorporate fashion into an everyday necessity. The design of the cat-eye glasses, characterized by its upswept outer edges, was inspired by the masks of Venetian masquerade balls. The glasses became an instant hit, receiving the prestigious Prix de Rome from the American Academy in Rome for its innovative design in 1939.

The Impact of Cat-Eye Glasses on Fashion and Society

Schinasi’s cat-eye glasses had a profound impact on the fashion industry and society. They gave women an opportunity to express their individuality and style through an accessory that was once purely functional. The cat-eye glasses transcended their status as mere eyewear, becoming an emblem of empowerment and expression for women worldwide. Their popularity soared in the 1950s and 1960s, with iconic personalities such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe adorning them, making these glasses synonymous with style, elegance, and modernity.

Altina Schinasi: Beyond Art and Design

Altina Schinasi’s dynamic personality extended beyond her artistic and design accomplishments. She was an ardent activist who voiced her concerns over societal issues. During World War II, she used her artistic skills to create a series of political cartoons under the pseudonym “Tina Merrill,” addressing the rise of fascism. Her film, “Freedom to Read,” showcased her stand against censorship, further demonstrating her commitment to social activism.

Legacy of Altina Schinasi

Altina Schinasi passed away on August 19, 1999, but her influence as a visionary artist, designer, and inventor of cat-eye glasses continues to resonate in the present. Her contributions extend beyond the creation of a stylish accessory, reflecting a daring spirit that dared to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. The cat-eye glasses, still relevant today, serve as a testament to Schinasi’s creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial prowess.

Altina Schinasi’s story is a celebration of an unbounded creative spirit that dared to venture beyond the norm. Her ability to perceive the potential in the mundane, like eyewear, and transform it into an enduring fashion symbol sets her apart as a true visionary. Her life and works continue to inspire artists, designers, and inventors worldwide, underscoring the importance of creative expression in shaping society and culture.

In conclusion, Altina Schinasi, the creator of the cat-eye glasses, was much more than just a designer and inventor. She was a visionary, an artist, and a daring entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on American art and design history. Her legacy, embodied in the iconic cat-eye glasses, continues to influence fashion and style, reminding us of a woman whose vision extended far beyond the realms of the ordinary. Her story is one of creative exploration, invention, and daring to challenge the status quo, making Altina Schinasi a true symbol of American creativity and innovation.

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