Blind and Beauty

Blind And Beauty

Tina is a blind woman and a beauty blogger. She thought about creating video tutorials for people who are blind or cannot see well. She believes we live in a society where people think we cannot put makeup without seeing it, and she wanted to challenge this. Not only the idea that blind people cannot put makeup but also that they too have a right to look beautiful for themselves.

In a video made by the Glanz&Natur German team, she is asked how she can distinguish a lipstick color. She answers, unfortunately, Brills is not available for beauty products as it is available for medications. So help from outside is needed from a friend, a sister, or a partner. Sometimes salesperson also assists by saying that even the color suits her or not. She remembers the outer wrapping of the lipsticks to distinguish the shade! For example, nude lipsticks have grooved outer packaging. She has to use a QR code for eye shadows. She has them on her mobile phone because she cannot always count on external help. She wants to show that we are not all perfect. Some people have different degrees of disabilities, and it is normal. She considers herself a normal woman who is an entrepreneur, married, and has a 5-year-old son who is not blind.

The woman who interviews Tina wants to try makeup without seeing the process precisely like a blind person and asks Tina to explain to her a tutorial. Tina emphasis that to use mascara, you should not put too much product on the brush on the top of your lid. Everything sticks to the top of your lid that you wipe the brush once in a clean handkerchief so that the excess lumps are removed, and that’s why she hands this to the interviewer, who now just put the cloth around it then pulls it off. She recommends that the woman not close her eyes completely and hit the lashes at the tips with mascara.

Following Tina’s tutorial, the woman the interviewer is satisfied with her performance and her look!

As a blind woman, Tina says it is of great importance that you know your lip shape before applying lipstick.  Moreover,  you should know where your lip edge is so that you don’t paint beyond it. It would be best to try to feel, Exactly, so try parallel with your finger to trace your lip contour, especially in the direction of the lip heart, where you usually have to work very precisely.

The interviewer says she is not good at applying lipstick, and Tina’s tips helped her. Tina’s youtube video can help a lot of people to take their first steps to start makeup.

Here you can find the direct link for the video :

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