Deepika Mhatre’s Inspiring Journey From A Maid To A Standup Comic

Deepika Mhatre’S Inspiring Journey From A Maid To A Standup Comic
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Deepika Mhatre’s from Mumbai was once used to work as a house help in five different homes. She turned her obstacles into opportunities as she went on to become India’s standup comedian.

Deepika’s life is a reflection of hard work, perseverance, and sheer grit. From selling fake jewelry to passengers on local trains to working as domestic help, Deepika strived every day to keep her family alive, but the best part is that she dealt with all the hardships with a punch of humor.

Her impeccable comic timing would have remained hidden if it weren’t for a talent show hosted by one of her employers, Sangeeta Das.

Deepika performed comedy while the rest of the contestants performed music, art, and pantomime. Rachel Lopez, a journalist, was one of the many in the crowd who were charmed by Deepika’s humorous sense and timing. Rachel wasted little time in making contact with comedian Aditi Mittal. According to Dailyhunt, Aditi recognized Deepika’s potential at the meeting and instantly asked her if she was eager to transition to a professional stage.

Deepika Mhatre has come a long way as a stand-up comic since then, having been a finalist on India’s Got Talent and appearing on a Star Plus game program. She explains in an interview with News 18 about the invites she received to various shows:

“Now, I have also started getting offers from Colors and Star Plus. I have also been called for ZEE Awards, Marathi. If I get more offers, I will obviously take them.”

When an online magazine TheBetterIndia asked, “What does she speak about in her shows?” She said, “There are people like Sangeeta Madam, who always do good things for us. But on the other hand, I worked at some places where I was always a servant—an inferior. They tell me not to sit on chairs, only on floors, and to drink water or tea from separate glasses. I speak about all of it—good and bad.”

To Deepika’s credit, her quips are all straightforward and delivered in a tone that never seems like a complaint. At the end of the day, it almost feels like a group of domestic servants is joking about their jobs and their bosses. But it’s one woman who gives us her perspective with a dash of humor.

Even though Deepika has achieved popularity and fame, she continues to work as a cook and sells jewelry on local trains. The only difference now is that whenever she gets a gig, she goes to it soon after finishing her chores.

“Namaste, I’m Deepika Mhatre, and I work as a maid. I’ve often observed that stand-up comedians tell a lot of jokes about their maids. But, today is my turn.”

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