Don’t sell Iran to China!

Don’T Sell Iran To China!

In a letter written by some Iranians going viral in cyberspace, Xi Jinping, the president of China, was asked to summon the Chinese Foreign Minister to China to prevent the signing of a 25-year comprehensive cooperation document contract between Iran and China. It is written by the authors of the letter that the Islamic Republic is on the verge of collapsing. For this reason, “the signing of a 25-year contract with such a system is inherently doomed to invalidity.”

The January 2017 and November 2019 protests and the low turnout in the last Islamic Consultative Assembly elections, and the recent “No to the Islamic Republic” campaign are considered signs of the Iranian people’s will for the Islamic Republic collapse. The crises faced currently by the Islamic Republic, including the “economic crisis, divisions among agents, government officials corruption and the regional crisis, have considered the fall of this system” definitive in the short term. The people who signed this petition referred to as the 25-year Iran-China agreement contrary to Iran’s national interests and morally, politically, legally and humanely rejected.” The letter urges the Chinese president not to confine himself to the Chinese embassy reports in Iran but to look at social media and the virtual world to determine the realities under Iranian society’s skin.

Elsewhere in the letter, it is accentuated that the Islamic Republic is not the Iranian people’s true representative. The 25-year Iran-China agreement is contrary to Iran’s national interests. It is mentioned in the letter: The Islamic Republic regime is nothing but an inanimate body and signs this agreement to rescue itself from overthrow, not to secure Iran’s national interests. The authors of the letter consider the 25-year cooperation agreement between Iran and China as reminiscent of the Turkmenchay and Golestan treaties and write to the President of China: Islamic republic signs in despair and remind the Iranian people of the shameful contracts of Turkmanchay and Golestan.


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