Dreams come true

Dreams Come True

An inspiring real life story of my client Aashna (name changed)

When I asked Aashna to share her story with the world she politely requested not to reveal her identity, but she did suggest a proxy name: Aashna. She further added, “my dream made me built my own aashiyana (home). Hence the name. “

This is the story of a girl who thought of becoming a doctor since her childhood. There were no doctors in her family or in the entire neighbourhood where she lived. Yet something in her always wanted to be one. Whenever she was asked her name she merrily replies with Dr Aashna. An 8-year-old introducing herself as Dr. Strange, right? But not for Aashna. In fact, she insisted people around to address her as Dr always. If this was not enough, she also wrote her name in school notebooks as Dr. Aashna.

Say it a child’s play or destiny doing its magic, Aashna never stopped believing in herself until she turned 17 and failed twice in the higher secondary exams. Her hopes, her beliefs shattered. All she wanted now was to clear her exams and stop the disgrace she was bringing on her family. In the third attempt, she did pass but the joy in her eyes had died long ago.

Aashna gave up studies. She didn’t pursue her dream. Her family started looking for a groom and at 21 she was engaged. Becoming a doctor was a far fetched dream rather a dead one. After her marriage, she devoted her time in housework. Took care of her family, children, husband so on and so forth.

One fine evening, Aashna’s husband saw her schooling certificate. Reading that his wife had pursued science in higher secondary, he went straight to her and confronted why she didn’t study further? Aashna narrated her failed attempts and lost confidence. She confessed that becoming a doctor was merely a dream which she has long forgotten.

Lesser did she know her life was about to change. Aashna’s husband brought forms for admission in medical colleges. Initially, Aashna resented the idea. She has not only given up on becoming a doctor but she had nurtured a belief that she is not good enough; she is not talented or doesn’t have the intellect that is needed to become a doctor. After a lot of arguments, Aashna caved in. She agreed to appear for the entrance medical exam.

Yes, you guessed it right, the 28-year-old Aashna cleared the entrance exam and went on to become Dr Aashna after completing 5 years of her medical degree.

Today, she runs a clinic, financially supports her family and is a living example of how magically dreams align if we truly believe in them. Aashna did, and you?

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