6 Fascinating Places You Have Never Heard Of

6 Fascinating Places You Have Never Heard Of

The world is a fascinating place filled with amazing natural beauty and unexplained evolution. In our tryst to feature the world’s best locations we thought to curate a list of lesser-known locations that haven’t yet been made the centre of attention.

Here are our top 6 picks for fascinating places you may not have heard of.

1. Montréal Botanical Garden, Canada

The Montréal Botanical Garden, at 185 acres, is less than one-third the size of Mount Royal Park, but it still manages to house an impressive collection of about 22,000 plant species and cultivars, arranged into 20 thematic gardens and featuring 10 exhibition greenhouses.


2. Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden, Japan

A private garden in the wooded hills south of central Kitakyushu known as Kawachi Wisteria Garden (, Kawachi Fujien) is renowned for its stunning displays of wisteria flowers. During the wisteria season, which typically peaks around late April to early May, and during the maple leaf season in the autumn, the garden is open to the public on a seasonal basis.

The two tunnels formed of wisteria trees that are around 100 metres long and range in colour from white to dark purple are the garden’s most notable features. In addition, a group of sizable wisteria plants has grown together to create a huge dome of hanging blooms. A vantage position at the top of the hillside garden provides lovely views of the surrounding valley and the sea of wisteria flowers.

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3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Southwest Bolivia is home to Salar de Uyuni. With a size of 4,086 square miles, it is the world’s largest salt flat (10,582 sq km). There once was water covering the salt desert and there were a number of ancient lakes located here. But after a while, the lakes have dried up, revealing this fascinating place.

It is incredibly flat where a few metres of salt crust has formed. Salar de Uyuni is ideal for satellite calibration because of this, the pure air, and the low humidity.

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4. The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

There are many charming romantic locations in Ukraine that draw in visitors with their uniqueness and unmatched natural beauty. The Tunnel of Love in the Rivne region, however, is one of the most well-known and spectacular locations. Couples in love and travellers frequently make the pilgrimage to the five-kilometer green corridor that was formed by trees arranged in a perfect circular arch and the railway that connected them.


5. Lake Retba, Senegal

There is a peculiar lake less than an hour from Senegal’s capital city that will undoubtedly attract the unsuspecting visitor’s attention due to its unique yet bright pink colour. Only a few short dunes separate Lake Retba (also known as Lac Rose by locals) from the Atlantic Ocean, so it makes sense that its salt concentration is very high. During the dry season, it exceeds the Dead Sea in terms of salinity concentration.

The Dunaliella salina bacteria, which is drawn to the lake’s salt content, is responsible for the color’s distinctive pink hue. The lake’s distinct colour is a result of the bacteria producing a red pigment to absorb sunlight. The dry season (which lasts from November to June) is when its colour is most noticeable, while the wet season is when it is least noticeable (July-October).

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6. Shi Cheng City, China

An ancient Chinese underwater city called Sh Chéng, often known as “Lion City,” is located beneath Qiandao Lake in the Zhejiang Province. After the province of Zhejiang needed a hydroelectric dam, the Chinese government flooded the city in 1959 with the intention of industrialising it.

Known also as Thousand Island Lake, Qiandao Lake is a large body of freshwater that spans 573 square kilometres. There are more than a thousand islands in the lake, hence the name. The lost city was inhabited for centuries, according to the evidence, but today tourists and diving professionals largely use it as an underwater tourism destination.

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