Find your happiness to find your purpose

Find Your Happiness To Find Your Purpose
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Story time with Gia

18-year-old Jenny wanted to be a dancer. All she ever did or wanted to do was to dance. Music and dancing was rhythm to her soul. She was just 4 when she started tapping her feat on the christmas carols. She swayed, giggled and laughed on every hymn. Soon she started taking dance classes. The only thing that has the power to cheer Jenny was her violin and her dancing shoes.

You may be wondering when will the tragedy seep in? Here’s a thing. There’s no tragedy. Jenny always knew she is born to dance.

She lost her leg when she turned 8. Her father passes away at 14. She had to work at a tender age of 15 and drop from college at 16.

When she turned 18, she was teaching dance as part time. She was earning more than her siblings and she was the happiest person to be around. Jenny did go through immense pain and trauma, never did she let that trauma stop her from succeeding.

Today, Jenny is a 29-year-old dancer, teacher, mentor, entrepreneur and a proud mother. A woman who is always smiling. Humming on a song, composing her own tune or simply tapping on the sounds of nature.

Whenever someone ask the reason behind her success, she says, she has “no idea”. Hey, did I mention, Jenny runs a multi-million dollar dance academy in Texas?

Yes, that’s right. Jenny is a multi-millionaire. She overcame the worst situations with a smile. Above all, she never mentioned any of the sufferings during her speeches, mentorship or in her academy. When she says she has “no idea” how she succeeded she means it.

The interesting question for her has always been “what I am here to do?”

Jenny knew she is born to dance even if it means with an amputated leg. Not for once did she doubt her calling. Not even when doctors said, “she won’t be able to dance like before.”

It’s rare to have such an unwavering belief. More rare to not get affected by the surroundings. Thus, Jenny says, “if there’s one thing that has remain constant with me that is my love for dancing.” She added, “I can’t explain the immense joy I always feel the moment I start dancing or when I hear a song.” “This happiness kept me afloat.”

The key to Jenny’s success was not just the belief but the happiness, the sheer ecstasy she felt every time she danced. She asks her student to look for their joy.

It’s there. It’s around us. All we have to do is to notice when the heart starts singing. It sings every-time we remotely come in contact with our calling; our purpose. It does. There’s no other way.

In Jenny’s words, “if your joy is not around you, you go looking for it.

Find your purpose by finding your joy.

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