From Tharuhat to Takeoff: Tribal Sisters Soar High as Air Hostesses

From Tharuhat To Takeoff: Tribal Sisters Soar High As Air Hostesses

Meet Malti, Simple, Madhavi, and Aakriti – four young women from the Tharuhat region in West Champaran, India, who are about to embark on a remarkable journey. No longer earthbound, they’re preparing to take flight as air hostesses, ready to grace the skies and assist passengers with a warm smile and helping hand.

Their flight path wasn’t paved with ease. Coming from a tribal community and facing limitations, their dreams seemed distant. But with the support of a local non-profit called Jeevika, these four daughters took to the skies metaphorically, their spirits lifted by guidance and training.

Imagine their elation! After clearing online interviews conducted in English, they underwent months of rigorous training. Soon, they’ll be soaring high, not just geographically, but also defying stereotypes and proving that dreams have no limitations.

Madhavi, whose father is a farmer and mother works in a self-help group, beams with pride. “Thanks to Jeevika and my mother’s support, I can become an air hostess,” she exclaims. Simple, brimming with excitement, echoes the sentiment, “I cleared the interview in English! This feels incredible.”

Anu, another aspiring air hostess, reflects on the challenges overcome. “Being from a remote area, I lacked exposure,” she says. “But Jeevika became our guiding light. Today, we stand tall, thanks to their support.”

These young women are not just taking off on personal journeys; they’re inspiring a generation. Their story is a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the transformative role of organizations like Jeevika. So, the next time you board a flight, remember these four trailblazers who dared to touch the sky, proving that limitations are meant to be broken, one flight at a time!

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