I care too much

I Care Too Much

Nowadays our lifestyle has a very important aspect which cannot be ignored or avoided for long. And that my dear friends, is mental health.

We all know what it means to take care of our mental health and stability. We live in a society where suicide is a very common cause of death, especially among teenagers. And why does it occur often? Depression and mental illness, you may say. It is an obvious reason that leads to death, but why do people get depressed? Let’s look at some of the causes.


We all are well aware of this fact, and it actually is the only reason which forces you to procrastinate and think negatively. Sometimes when someone judges you or if someone says something mean, our brain starts overthinking, which is completely normal. But after a certain level, it gets terrifying. So how to know when you’re at that level?

The time when you feel you’re not worthy enough or that you’re useless, my dear friend it’s a signal for you to stop OVERTHINKING

When I’m addressing a problem, you’ll obviously expect a solution too and yes, I have one for you. Whenever you start questioning your ability, say only one word to yourself. STOP. Go stand before the mirror, close your eyes, take a deep breath and open your eyes with a mind-blowing smile. Then start doing a happy dance (No, I’m not crazy guys, I’m serious!!). Take a nap, have a beverage/juice, read a self-help book and put on the bestest music on full volume. 

I care too much

Caring is a habit which we cannot stop ourselves from doing. We keep saying that we don’t care but deep down we all know that we care, and believe me, it’s natural. It’s not a bad habit for sure. We’re fully aware of the toxic people who don’t deserve to be in our mind and we don’t give a fuck about them. But what about the good ones? The ones that give you a positive vibe. You’ll obviously want to keep them in your life. And yes, they do deserve a place in your heart.
But sometimes they make you feel neglected, not important and ignored. There are many such things that could upset you even when the other person didn’t aim to do so. Maybe when a friend doesn’t return your hug, when they didn’t tell you how important you are but you’ve already confessed to them several times that they matter a lot to you. I felt the same thing a week or two ago. You know the real reason this happens? That’s because sometimes you care too much about someone and when they don’t reciprocate the same amount of affection, the clock of overthinking starts ticking. And when the clock is at its highest peak, we’ll see self-doubt arising.

/Brief description of what happens/

When you overthink, or care too much or expect a lot, you and the people around you both become uncomfortable and the other unintentionally start avoiding you. It absolutely doesn’t mean that he/she is a bad person or they don’t require a person like you. No. It means that you’re interfering way too much in their life. This doesn’t make you the bad guy. A person cares about themselves and you need to respect their privacy.

What if I suggest an alternative? Let’s stop over-caring for someone and giving that extra amount of attention to ourselves. It’s really simple if you think about it.

Few minutes every day or a day in a week, try ways of self-pampering. What will you do on that day?

# Use homemade face and hair masks and other essentials to take care of your body, hair and skin.

# Read that one book which you’ve kept in your shelf from months/years.

# Make your favourite meal and watch your favourite movie or series.

# Write things that you like about yourself.

So basically, you have to make yourself feel beautiful because that’s what you are! Always remember that YOU DESERVE THE BEST and if someone makes you feel otherwise, well, just tell them to Get lost!! Because my darling, YOU ARE AMAZING and I LOVE YOU.

Featured Image: Annie Sprat/Unsplash

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Priyanka Sharma is just a simple high school pass out on the peak of teenage who loves to read and write down her random thoughts confining them into pages. 

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