I don’t want a business deal like marriage

I Don’t Want A Business Deal Like Marriage

From the 19th century to the 21st century, many of the institutions in Asian society, particularly Indian society, has undergone radical changes. Yet, the institution of marriage, especially arranged marriages has still a long way to go.

Even though there are many Anti dowry laws, the dowry system still exists in India. Interestingly, the term has got a new name called ‘gift’. And, ‘gifting’ is a matter of pride for both families. Coming to gender equality, the bride’s family concentrates hard on the groom’s salary while the groom’s family quotes a price for the bride. The Dowry system proves to be dangerous in a society where there is an unequal distribution of income and wealth. The sacred institution of marriage has evolved more like a business deal, consciously or unconsciously promoting criminal and immoral acts.

It’s high time that we should teach our younger generation that dowry is not a part of pride but a shameless practice that is prohibited as per law. Moving on to marriage, marriage is a sacred union of two souls, but not a match between a gold digger and lawbreaker. The basis of all these can be traced back to self-respect, under which the thought of being self-sufficient and independent prevails. It’s so simple which can be taught like ‘you can’t quote a price for a human being ‘ or, ‘it’s not decent enough to ask for a person’s salary. But, we prefer to be lawbreakers when we are more comfortable with, ‘dowry is common’, or ‘what will others think’. well, law-breaking or being not decent enough is not natural, how common those can be.

Let’s say cheers to a more civilized future, where we wake up to, ‘I don’t want a business deal like marriage, and ‘did you just quote a price for a human being with flesh and blood? ‘ and more cheers when self-respect overrides inferiority complex and unnecessary acceptability.

By Inku Rahmath

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