Israel in ‘State of War’ – Over 5,000 Rockets Fired from Gaza

Israel In ‘State Of War’ – Over 5,000 Rockets Fired From Gaza
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Israel has officially entered a ‘state of war’ following an intense barrage of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, an act that the Palestinian Hamas militants have described as merely their “initial attack.” The peaceful atmosphere of a festive holiday morning was shattered as over 5,000 rockets lit up the Israeli skies, and warning sirens echoed throughout the nation.

Israeli defense forces have reported an intrusion by Hamas militants, labeling them as terrorists. Evidence of the attack included paragliders and visuals of cars being targeted on the roads. “We are in a state of war readiness after enduring extensive rocket attacks and witnessing terrorists breach our borders from various points,” announced the military.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to gather his security chiefs for an urgent meeting, promising that Hamas will face severe consequences for its actions. This incident has stoked the fires of global tensions, reminiscent of the upheaval caused by Russia’s encroachment into Ukraine.

The sounds of alarms fill the air in Jerusalem and throughout Israel as the country reports multiple rocket impacts in its southern and central regions. Hamas’ military wing has christened this assault “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” claiming responsibility for the over 5,000 rockets launched in a mere 20-minute onslaught. “We are committed to halting the impunity of our enemies. The era of unaccountable audacity is over,” proclaimed Hamas militant leader Mohamed Deif.

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An older Israeli woman lost her life, and 15 others were wounded due to the intense rocket fire, prompting the government to advise civilians to remain close to shelters, particularly those residing near the Gaza strip.

During the sacred time of Shabbat and Simchat Torah, Israel finds itself grappling with relentless rocket alarms and a terrorist incursion spearheaded by Hamas. “We are committed to defending our people and sovereignty,” vowed the government.

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants is not new; it has ignited into war multiple times since Hamas assumed control of Gaza in 2007. The recent aggression follows Israel’s decision to seal its borders to workers from Gaza.

The commencement of violence coincided with Hamas’ declaration that an end to the “occupation” was essential and their accusation that Israel persistently violated Palestinian territories, notably the sacred grounds of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

The ongoing strife this year alone has claimed the lives of 247 Palestinians, 32 Israelis, and two foreign nationals, underscoring the human toll of a conflict that sees both combatants and civilians caught in the crossfire.

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