Kamal Kumbhar: Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

Kamal Kumbhar: Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

Kamal Kumbhar, a beacon of resilience and determination, hails from Hinglajwadi, a quaint village in Maharashtra. Here, traditions run deep, and early marriages, like the one Kamal had at 17, are customary. But for Kamal, this was merely a chapter, not her entire story. Amid the backdrop of financial constraints, she harbored dreams of not only supporting her family but uplifting those around her.

First Steps to Empowerment: The NGO Influence

In 2001, a beacon of hope emerged. Kamal attended an event by Swayam Shikshan Prayog, a Pune-based NGO renowned for championing women’s entrepreneurship in fields ranging from agriculture to health. With their guidance, Kamal’s foray into the world of entrepreneurship began. Starting with a modest bangle-making venture funded by a mere Rs. 10, her efforts soon bore fruit, making her a revered name in Osmanabad’s business ecosystem.

Entrepreneurial Expansion: Beyond Bangles

Kamal’s business acumen quickly shone through as she diversified her ventures. From selling sarees, stationery, and light bulbs to running a mess, her entrepreneurial footprint expanded. She would walk door-to-door, not just selling her products, but sowing the seeds of financial independence in other women. Recognizing the saturation in her initial ventures, Kamal transitioned into poultry farming in 2015, laying the foundation for ‘Kamal Poultry’ and ‘Ekta Sakhi Producer Company’, which today employ hundreds from her region.

Mentoring a New Wave of Entrepreneurs

However, Kamal’s vision wasn’t limited to her own businesses. She became a beacon for women’s financial independence. Through her workshops, women learned the nuances of market research, understanding loans, and leveraging government schemes tailored for them. To date, Kamal’s guidance has ushered in a new wave of over 5,000 female entrepreneurs across Maharashtra, redefining the state’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Bringing Sustainable Solutions to Rural Maharashtra

In partnership with Urja, Kamal addressed a pressing concern: the erratic power supply in villages. Through her foresight and determination, 3,000 households in Maharashtra transitioned to solar power, transforming daily life and aiding children in their studies.

Nationally Recognized Efforts

The nation took notice of Kamal’s tireless endeavors. Her mantelpiece boasts awards like the Woman Exemplar Award and the Nari Shakti Award. These accolades, while a testament to her dedication, also spotlight the importance of women’s entrepreneurship in India’s socio-economic fabric.

Kamal Kumbhar’s Visionary Roadmap for 2025 and Beyond

Kamal envisions a brighter, more empowered future. With plans to establish a dedicated training center for women entrepreneurs, she aims to mentor 10,000 women by 2025. As she rightly professes, “Empowering one woman leads to the empowerment of an entire community.”


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