Khamenei: It does not matter who becomes president of the United States

Khamenei: It Does Not Matter Who Becomes President Of The United States
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The Iran supreme leader said that Iran’s policy towards the United States is explicit, and Iran will not be affected by the change of president in the United States. Ali Khamenei has also censured Emmanuel Macron for expressing support for the publication of a Muslim prophet cartoon. Ali Khamenei declared in a live TV speech on November 4 that Iran’s policy toward the United States would not change with individuals’ arrival or departure. In his remarks, Khamenei addressed Iran-US relations, citing the US embassy’s seizure as the young people’s reaction to the US. Khamenei made these remarks while many political experts consider Biden in favor of Iran because he wants to return to JCPOA (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in Iran’s favor.

Khamenei’s criticism of Macron

In another part of his speech, Khamenei called the French a shelter for the most violent and worst terrorists and condemned French for assisting Saddam Hussein against Iran. Regarding the publication of Muslim profit cartoons in France, Khamenei said, A cartoonist committed a mistake and drew a caricature against the Prophet. “It is not just the perversion of an artist making a mistake, but there is an organization, and the president behind it supporting this wrongdoing. In France, the history teacher murder was referred to by Khamenei by adding: You are saying that someone was killed for this incident, so you show regret that this person was killed. Why do you spread this cartoon on a large scale and support it? In his previous speech, Ali Khamenei did not mention the French teacher’s beheading by an Islamic extremist. This time, too, he did not severely censure the act and merely referred to the murder of this person.

French officials have not commented on Ali Khamenei’s remarks.

Source: DW Persian

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