6 signs to find out that you are in a toxic relationship

6 Signs To Find Out That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Signs of Toxic Relationship

Physical abuse is easy to identify because it is tangible. Unlike the indefinite idea of being systematically torn down that is emotional abuse. Physical abuse is an easily knowable thing but that is what I am here to discuss. You know that emotional abuse exists, but do you really know what it looks like? Do you know what to look out for? Would you be able to recognize it if you ever find yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship?

If emotions give is information, than the best red flags can be out own emotional responses. We need to know both what those nuanced abusive actions are, and what to look out for in our own responses.

The perpetrator of abuse will make you feel that you are the one who needs to be changed and for some reason even this slight insecurity would cause negative feelings to you. Here are 6 signs that would help you to survey that you are into a toxic relationship :

1. You are terrified of your partner

This can be very difficult to admit but think when your partner calls how do you feel about it? Do you feel happy or fear taking the call? Normally in a happy relationship people are not very much traumatized about their partners ‘s moods  but fearing their reactions is a one of the signs.

2.You feel crazy

You could have sworn that he insulted you, but now is telling with fervor that you misinterpreted what he said. You begin to doubt your perception about the situation. It can be applied to a number of situations. As of result of which you begin to doubt your sense of reality.

3. You talk as it’s some kind of chess playing

You have to think 3 moves ahead to ensure not to set him off. You dilute your needs and your message. Your partner still gets angry. This is part of the cycle of power and control that is abuse.

4. You feel nervous when you go out with friends

You worry about going out with your friends. Even though you know that you are not doing anything wrong and your constantly reassuring that you are not cheating on them. This is not a sign that you should give up to your friends it is a sign when you should stop being manipulated.

5. It feels like it is the two  of you against the world

You know that no one else could understand you like this person does, you feel that your partner understands you more than anyone. This may be the cause of abuse where the child is more attached to the abusive parents.

6. You feel confused

Anyone would after living in a relationships where their perception of reality is denied, they have to walk on eggshells and they are accused of doing the very thing that are being done to them.

Wrapping up

Every individual has their own way of handling things. People fight and then mend up things on their own but signs, like not saying sorry or putting the, blames and feeling suffocated by the partner is one of the worst things in the world.  If you feel confused about what is really going on in your relationship then you should take professional help.

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