5 Male Feminists who brought a change in society.

5 Male Feminists Who Brought A Change In Society.

You are a man, who is not allowed to cry at the funerals and death bed and massacre spreads –

” Stay strong for the family they would say just be a man . “

It is a common expression when you hear parents say that they want to raise their daughters like sons. How often have you heard the other way round?

India might have a different place for women if not for Raja Ram Mohan Roy who was considered as the first male feminists to make a mark in the society and his relentless efforts to debunk myths and objectionable traditions all to uplift oppressed women, continue to find meaning today.

Like him, the following Indian men have reiterated women’s issues.

1. Harish sadani-

In the year 1993, Harish’s organization is one among the first few that focused on preventing violence against women in India. Giving a new empowerment to gender bias, MAVA, an acronym for men against violence and abuse has been empowering men to prevent violence or abuse perpetrated against girls and women. He aims to shape up a man’s movement involving the youth, to take the responsibility of protecting and changing the gender biased outlook, discard the sense of superiority.

2. Arunachalam Muruganatham –

Popularly known as the Pad man of India, this name needs no introduction. It began in 1998, when Arunachalam  came face to face with the dark reality of menstruation faced by Indian women, especially in rural areas. He realized that his wife much like others were using rags to a highly unhygienic practice. To ensure safety he invented a low cost sanitary pad making machine which went on to impact thousands of women across the country and spread awareness about the adverse consequences of traditional unhygienic practices on the grassroots level.

3. Satchit Puranik –

Inspired by the book, why  loiter by shilpa phadke, Sachit Puranik wanted to join but was reminded of the exclusivity of the events. What if I dress like a woman?

It was walking in a woman’s shoes, although this time it wasn’t just the shoes.

As a result of which 20 cross dressed men walked in the streets of Mumbai, from Prithvi theatre to juhu beach, to sensitise the world towards women’s issues and debunk the idea that women issues only belong to them.

Dipesh Tank

The Nirbhaya rape case  awakened the country to the gross reality under the dark shadows of every corner and city. He was among those shocked Indians who decided to take a strong stand. In 2013 he went to establish war against railway rowdies who stand up against all sorts of sexual and emotional violence perpetrated towards women in public areas.

5. Shakti vahini-

The three brothers, nishi, rishi and ravi grew up in an environment where domestic violence was a common place against women but their parents would teach them to respect women.

These men set up a NGO to protect women and children from abuse and violence.

Gendered behavioral patterns, like ” Boys don’t cry, or girls are meant to be weak and sensitive stem from patriarchy. These distorted notions are such they not only hurt the women but also the men of society.

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