Sikander Bizenjo’s efforts saved 1000s of Hindus lives in Balochistan

Sikander Bizenjo’S Efforts Saved 1000S Of Hindus Lives In Balochistan

Sikander Bizenjo is an economist and a development practitioner with years of experience in the development sector of Pakistan. He is a native of Nal district of Balochistan, Pakistan, an area primarily inhabited by tribal and minority Hindu population.

When COVID-19 started spreading to countries and our homes, we ran to protect our dear ones, and ourselves, but Sikander decided to form an organisation named “Balochistan Youth Against Corona.” Initially, the organisation had 40 active members that were later expanded with time.

The young Balochs under the leadership of Sikander found poorest of the poor households who were left with no income to support themselves during the testing times. After conducting a comprehensive survey, the organization kick-started its mission of providing food and essential items to the needy, but by remaining anonymous.

The young brigade developed a unique pattern of leaving the essentials in front of the house after a mild knock and quick disappearance from the venue. They didn’t want people to feel uncomfortable with their help, thus made sure to disappear before the door opens.

Sikander and his team were able to reach out to tens and thousands of people in 42 cities and towns of Balochistan. He, however, didn’t stop here. He went on to start a chain of libraries for the children of poor households. As we pen this article, Sikander has already distributed over 15000 books and counting to the young minds.

Sikander’s work is laudable for it was conceived and fulfilled in a state like Balochistan, which is crippled with abject poverty, poor infrastructure, lack of education and health, and abysmal law and order condition. The youngsters carried out the drive with limited resources and help from the state.

Bill Gates and Paulo Coelho publicly appreciated his work for COVID-19 essential items help and library initiative respectively. They also encouraged people to join Sikander in his efforts for a better Balochistan.

Featured image: Twitter/Sikander Bizenjo

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