Song Yoo-Jung, 26, South Korean actress found dead in her apartment

Song Yoo-Jung, 26, South Korean Actress Found Dead In Her Apartment

The 26-year-old South Korean actor, Song Yoo-jung, was found dead on Saturday in Seoul. Her death was confirmed in a statement by the company that represented her, Sublime Artist Agency.

Song, who first gained fame as a cosmetics model, was memorialized at a funeral service on Monday, as per her family’s wishes, according to a statement released to The Hollywood Reporter.

While the statement said the actress had died suddenly, no cause of death has yet been disclosed.

Song modeled for Estee Lauder before her debut appearance in the drama Golden Rainbow in 2013. She also had prominent roles in 2014’s Make Your Wish and 2017’s School 2017.

Song’s death comes after a spate of recent high-profile and tragic deaths by suicide among South Korean entertainers over the last few years. The issue of the pressure imposed by South Korean management companies on young entertainers has been brought to light on several occasions. Artists lives are broadcasted on social media platforms. Often exposing them to both explicit fan mails and hateful comments.

A number of the K-pop stars earlier have spoken of struggles with their mental health and the toll of cyberbullying. However, Song, never publicly acknowledged such issues.

Song’s death is the latest tragedy to hit South Korea’s entertainment industry, which has seen a number of young stars die by suicide in recent years. Last year, actress-model Oh In-hye died at 36, and Yohan, a member of the K-pop band TST, died at 28. Singer-actress Goo Hara and singer Sulli both died by suicide in 2019, and SHINee member Jonghyun died by suicide in 2017.

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