These 13 teen-friendly apps will help you deal with stress

These 13 Teen-Friendly Apps Will Help You Deal With Stress

Do you feel misunderstood? Having a bad mood that won’t go away? Out of it? Or simply feel mad?

With a short swipe or simple click, find the fun and lessen your emotional burden. Here are 13 internet tools and apps for reducing stress and changing your attitude, which will help you feel better overall. They are all also free!

1. My Mood Tracker

The ability to identify relationships between events and cycles in your life and your moods will help you control (and work around) your moods after you become more conscious of how you’re feeling at any given time.

2. Personal Zen

Effortless self-help techniques for controlling your mood, anxiety, or sadness. Personal Zen is a series of games based on clinical findings about methods for reducing anxiety levels, created in collaboration with a professor of psychology and neurosciences.

3. Mind Pad

Get rid of your negative ideas and put yourself in a happier frame of mind by using MindPad. The app is very similar to a digital bullet journal. It also helps people with ADHD and those who need structure and want to organise their lives.

4. Scream Into The Void

An area where one can vent their anger at treachery, hurt, and heartbreak in private and without fear of repercussions. Feel immediate relief once you’re finished.

5. Pay It Forward

Offers suggestions for everyday acts of kindness, which are known to alleviate stress. It also connects you to a community of people who believe in the pay it forward philosophy.

6. The Quiet Place

Using the spacebar could be so relaxing, who knew? You can quickly regain your composure.

7. Mandala Maker

Create unique abstract and geometric designs to discover your inner artist and reduce your tension.

8. Fun Distractions

Play crazy games and take amusing personality tests to relax. Find out which animal or president most closely resembles you!

9. Yoga On YouTube

Your mind will also feel better when your body does. Find your centre and get refuelled.

10. Weave Silk

Put your problems aside and use your emotions to make amazing, mind-blowing digital art.

11. This Is Sand

When you can’t get to a sun-kissed beach to unwind, this game provides the tranquillity you require.

12. Happify

A brain-training app based on research demonstrating how certain activities can assist in reducing stress, anxiety, and negativity while also promoting virtues like appreciation and empathy.

13. Breathe2Relax

Diaphragmatic breathing is a proven technique for managing stress, and there is a smartphone app with instructions and exercises for it. contains thorough information about how stress affects the body.

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