Introvert or extrovert quiz: Your genuine self is revealed by what you see first

Introvert Or Extrovert Quiz: Your Genuine Self Is Revealed By What You See First
📷 Optical illusion (Image: Bright Side)

An optical illusion can be many things, from a mind-boggling sight where you can’t figure out what’s happening to a brainteaser that seems totally normal but has a fundamental defect, but in this case, it also functions as a personality test. Even better, it can identify if you are an extrovert or an introvert.
Being introverted or extroverted is where we start when characterising our personality traits, and it’s completely OK to identify as having some of each.

In this image posted by Bright Side, we can see two distinct objects combined into one image. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert depends on the first thing your eyes and brain register.

So, what did you see first in this introvert or extrovert quiz?

Introvert Or Extrovert Quiz: Your Genuine Self Is Revealed By What You See First

Two Trees

Two trees are a sign of your free spirit and extroverted temperament if they were the first thing to catch your eye. You enjoy socialising and making new acquaintances. You enjoy assisting others, just as a tree spreads its roots and offers shade to numerous individuals.

A Woman

If the first thing that caught your eye was a woman with her back to you, you are likely quiet, restrained, and introverted. You enjoy your alone time and frequently fantasise while hoping for favourable outcomes.

You are a highly sensitive person who can empathise with others’ suffering. Additionally, you have a highly analytical and creative personality. However, you have a hard time relating to others at first, but once you do, you can form long-lasting friendships.

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