Being a Single Mom is a privilege and a challenge

Being A Single Mom Is A Privilege And A Challenge
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When I was pregnant, I wondered a lot about what my life would look like as a single mom. I knew that being a parent would be hard in some ways—but I also knew it would be worth every challenge.

So many people say that being a single mom is hard, but I disagree. Being a single mom is an adventure! It’s full of love, support, and learning—and it’s also full of joy and discovery. And the best part of being a mom? You get to see your kids grow up into the people they were meant to be!

A close friend of mine once said: I know you’re busy, but I wanted to ask you a quick question.

How do you deal with society’s expectations of you as a single mom? How does it affect your life?

I just want to start by saying that I’m so proud of my daughter. She’s an incredible young woman, and I’m so glad she’s in my life.

But let me be real for a second: single momhood sucks.

I mean, it doesn’t suck as much as you think it does. Sure, it’s hard sometimes and there are definitely days when I wish I could just run away with her and leave the rest of the world behind (but not literally—that would be bad). But overall? It’s pretty manageable.

The biggest challenge is just trying to keep up with the expectations of society, especially in regards to how we’re supposed to act around each other and what we should expect from each other—and from ourselves.

And then there’s the guilt—guilt about not being able to give my daughter everything she deserves or even giving her enough time with me or her siblings.

Sometimes I feel single mothers like me are often seen as the epitome of failure and emotional weakness. Therefore, I feel the need to break these stereotypes down for you.

Single moms aren’t just people who can’t find love, they’re people who have found love and decided to keep it all to themselves. They may not be able to date or get married, but they have a partner in life: their children. That’s right—single moms are raising kids on their own, sometimes even with no help from the father!

As a single mother myself, I know that it’s hard to go through the motions every day when your heart is always full of love for your children. Every time you see them smile at you or climb into your lap, it reminds you how much they mean to you and what an amazing gift they are. It’s not just about raising them well—it’s about loving them so much that there isn’t an ounce of room left for anything else in your life.

People say single motherhood is a challenge, and I say, it’s also a privilege

I’m a single mom, and I’ve learned so much about myself and my world in the process. I’m not sure where I’d be without all the challenges that come with raising a child on your own—but I do know that it’s been worth it.

It’s not easy, but there are so many things to love about being a single mom. For example, you get to spend more time with your kid. You can do whatever you want and still have time to yourself. You get to take care of yourself and don’t have someone else to take care of you. And when your kid needs something, you know how to provide it without having to ask anyone else for help—something our society doesn’t teach us anymore (or at least didn’t teach me).

But there are also some challenges that come along with being a single mom: you have to worry about everything from paying bills, finding childcare for work, managing relationships outside of your family unit… And that’s just scratching the surface!

So what do YOU think? What challenges have YOU faced as a single mom?

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