The confrontation between two women, an Interrogator-journalist and a female political activist

The Confrontation Between Two Women, An Interrogator-Journalist And A Female Political Activist

We need women supporting women, but sometimes women thwarting women as interrogators- journalists a new job in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who is Ameneh Sadat Zabih Pour?

Ameneh Sadat Zabihpour is a political correspondent for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting a presenter of 20:30 news on the Islamic Republic of Iran TV. Her activities mostly consist of analyzing and arranging reports on satellite networks outside of Iran. She is one of the TV presenter accused of collaborating with security agencies to record forced confessions.

Interrogation charge

Sepideh Qolian, a political activist, complained of IRIB correspondent Ameneh Sadat Zabihpour about “interrogation” and “forced confessions,” which was declared by the judge as the concluded case without a trial. Sepideh Qolian stated that Zabihpour was present in the room during her interrogation and torture and added: She had already prepared interrogations for us to read in front of the camera. Sepideh Qolian’s remarks about Ameneh Sadat Zabihpour’s role in preparing “forced confessions” from her raised state radio and television reporters’ involvement with Iranian security agencies to obtain “forced confessions” from political prisoners.

Twitter account suspension

Announcing the execution of Navid Afkari before the judiciary’s official announcement, she wrote on Twitter: “Monarchists, Albanians, counter-revolutionaries should prepare their hashtags,” angering social media users, and hours later, her account on the Twitter account was suspended. Her awareness of Navid Afkari’s death and its initial publication further the hypothesis of her affiliation or membership in the Ministry of Intelligence or the IRGC.

But this time, Ameneh Sadat Zabih Pour, an interrogator-journalist, has sued Sepideh Qolian, a political prisoner serving her prison sentence.!

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