Turn Lemon Peels Into Eco-Friendly Home Cleaners! Read to know how?

Turn Lemon Peels Into Eco-Friendly Home Cleaners! Read To Know How?

Ever thought of turning lemon peels into eco-friendly home cleaners? Here’s a quick DIY!

Squeeze the lemons and collect the peels in a box. Store it in the freezer overnight. Move the peels in a jar, fill it with white vinegar, and leave it for at least two weeks in your fridge.

That’s it. You have made your own home cleaner which can be used to clean glass window panes, hard stains, sticky areas in your kitchen, and it is super effective in cleaning toilets, washbasins and bathrooms too.

You can use the lemon peel and vinegar solution to scrub oily dishes or metal items like copper, brass, steel and chrome.

It is a pocket friendly, environmentally sustainable and chemical free solution for all the hard and soft stains alike.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t throw your lemon peels into dustbin rather use it to bring an extra shine at your home.

Featured image: Mary Khaliqi/Unsplash

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