4 slogans to help you handle anger

4 Slogans To Help You Handle Anger

Anger management has been a topic we all are aware of however to practice with anger – rather than simply being a victim of it – is to make the effort to respect and understand it. This involves being willing to look more deeply at the complex of negative emotions, which naturally arise as part of our human condition. It requires that we take responsibility for these emotions so we can begin to do something creative with them.

Here in this blog, I will like to discuss Four slogans and how they can help work with anger.

1. Don’t figure others out

Think of how much we all talk about our friends and relatives, analyzing their words and deeds, sizing them up as if we knew what made them tick. But just as you don’t appreciate being reduced to this or that weird version of you, neither do they. There is some good and bad side to us that defines our character. The truth is that we have no idea what is going on inside a person and hence we judge them based on our assumptions. We are angry at a phantom, a figment of our imagination. Don’t figure others out.

2. Work with your biggest problems first

Working with our biggest problems first is the opposite of what want to do. Usually, we prefer to take on something easy and work our way up to tough things, but operating like this we never seem to get to that tough stuff.

This slog beautifully explains to face the difficult path. Try to hold on to your courage and go there right away. When we are angry we vent it out and blame people. Most of us are not courageous enough to lash out at the people we are angry at, so instead, we vent out on people and speak ill about them. Working with the bigger problems first means that we are angry, we turn towards the anger. Instead of blaming others, we need to know how to overcome it and act wisely in all kinds of situations.

3. Abandon hope

This is a very critical quote as we are all hopeful towards something better or something beautiful. But, with hope, we also have a lot of expectations for the future so instead of focussing on what’s there, we focus mainly on things which might or might not take place in our life. Even when we are angry we hope that the other person will realise their mistake and will make amends but that is where we wrong we place our hopes on something we do not even know if it works properly. The truth is anger is very difficult to overcome and hope would just add up more laziness and even impatience. Many times we think that if we soften a little then the other person also softens and it works in that way. Hence we need to abandon hope to control our anger.

4. Don’t poison yourself

Self-concern is very important and one can only gain happiness by controlling themselves from the negative thoughts and social consequences. To practice, this slogan is to notice that when we become defensive and aggressive, it’s usually because of the poison of concern.

It might feel sore at times but anger can be well managed and be healed by anger itself.

Featured image: Nick Fewings/Unsplash

By Poonam Chaterjee

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