8 sexist comments that Men are tired of hearing

8 Sexist Comments That Men Are Tired Of Hearing
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Sexism is an ill practice that creeps out of discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender. Believe it or not but every man is a victim of sexism. For women, sexism is open out there and they are constantly fighting against it and for men, they are also a victim of sexism on an everyday basis, here are 8 sexist comments that Men are tired of hearing:

sexist comments that Men are tired of hearing

1. Why are you crying? Be a man

This is something we often hear men being told all the time. It is like they need to apologize for expressing their emotions. This is whereas a society we fail because humans need to stop surpassing their emotions for whatever reasons.

2. Pink shirt. What are you, gay?

Pink is just a colour and has nothing to do with gender. However, most men face it that whenever they wear pink they are either called gay or girly to the core.

3. Are you scared of spiders? Stop being a chick

Getting scared of insects and being made fun of it has an old story. This is again a very sexist comment as how can being scared of animals be a girly thing.

4. You are not a man if you don’t have an interest in sports

Many men pretend to like cricket because if you don’t like cricket you don’t fall under the category of sports. It is weird but in a country like ours where it’s so damn tough for people to be themselves, without the fear of getting judged.

5. You drive worse than a woman

Ironically we often hear a woman saying this to man and that is a big shocker and another example of gender stereotyping.

6. Do you cry in movies?

This is a joke among the guys at how guys have to macho and strong is always looked down as a sign of the weak heart.

7. Grow a beard. Puberty hasn’t hit you yet or what?

You can ask this to anyone be it your younger brother or anyone they have heard this at some point in time. Some even say that men without a beard make them less of a man.

8. You want to quit your job? Who will take care of your wife and kids?

A lot of times one gets to hear comments that make you wonder where we actually stand as humans and as a society. The constant pressure to become something and do something according to the whims of society has made us realise that we have failed as a society

Wrapping up

Its time to stop these gender stereotypes and sexism against men and women. It’s time to create a world where everyone is equal. Voicing one’s opinions on such issues is a must and hence one should not ignore it at all.

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