The Story of Pipe

The Story Of Pipe

A funny and unusual travel account of S or that’s how the traveller wants to be addressed.

I stayed in a really nice hotel in the USA, and the last morning before leaving I decided to take a quick shower before going to the airport. I started turning the knob, probably in the opposite direction that I should have (non-US travellers will immediately recognize the type of knob I am talking about!). I just kept on turning and turning, but there was no water. Until I turned one more time and the knob stayed in my hand, together with a piece of pipe it was attached to! That very second a fountain of water started gushing from the wall, as it was directly linked to the main water supply of the hotel. I was shocked and tried to put the knob back on, but, of course, it didn’t stick and now I was ankle-deep in water and it already was flowing inside the room. I grabbed the first towel I could see and run to look for help. Remember Mr Bean? At least I had a towel.. Luckily, there was a maid some 6 rooms further, but unfortunately, she did not speak any English… I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my room, and when she saw the scene, she runs off to get help. While various managers were running around and trying to find someone who knows how to switch off water in the basement (and of course, none believed the story until they came to the room and saw for themselves), I kept standing there with my towel, until one of the head maids opened another room next door and offered me to finish my shower (thanks, it was enough). They offered me free breakfast as compensation, but as I was already very late, I went to the airport.

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