Who am I surrounded by?

Who Am I Surrounded By?

The answer is some Iranian idiots. But these nincompoops are peculiar to Iran. You cannot find them in other parts of the world. They believe Iran’s supreme leader can solve all world problems. When you raise the question of how Mr Khamenei can find solutions for the global issues while failing to solve the Iran crisis, they will reply that Khamenei has no executive responsibility! While according to the Iran constitution, Khamenei has all the power in his hand. Another myth among Iranian idiots mind called Osolgara or ideologist is that they have eradicated Israel or will do it shortly! The answer to the question how did you destroy Israel while it has many spies among your security forces, terror your nuclear scientists, and make bombing attacks on nuclear sites? They will answer we will remove Israel from the planet earth in next to no time! They have no idea how to do it. Their profile photos usually are photos of General Ghasem Soleimani terrorized by the US. They live with memories of Ghasem Soleimani and are proud of Iran’s supreme leader. They are always ready to punch Israel and the US on their faces by the slogan down with Israel! Down with America! These idiots can also be seen among Iranian university professors who make false data to publish more ISI papers to compete with neighbouring countries like Turkey. They consider men as priorities for job opportunities. Your incomplete Hijab or your makeup can irritate them, but you are not allowed to be mad at them for fabricating lies, making false data, believing in gender inequality, and superstitions. Their favourite candidate for the upcoming Iran presidential election is Ebraheem Raeisi, the current chief justice of Iran! They require sycophant idiots like themselves!  

Written by Mahtab

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