5 reasons why Amsterdam should be on every traveller’s bucket list

5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Every Traveller’S  Bucket List

Amsterdam is a great place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere to go with your family or friends. But there are many other reasons why Amsterdam should be on your bucket list.

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Amsterdam is a great city for a weekend getaway, and it’s easy to see why. The city has plenty of attractions and things to do, making it ideal if you want to spend some time exploring before hitting the town on your own. If you’re looking for somewhere close enough that your travel budget doesn’t get stretched too thin, there are plenty of options within walking distance (or a short tram ride) from central Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a lot going on during the day: there’s no shortage of museums or galleries with which you can spend hours admiring artworks or learning about history—and if those aren’t enough for your taste buds then just head over to one of Amsterdam’s many cafés where locals gather every evening after work! With so much happening all around town at every hour throughout each day; including live music performances at bars; there really isn’t much reason not to visit Amsterdam!”

Here are my top five reasons to add Amsterdam to your bucket list.

1. The Beautiful Tulips

5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Every Traveller'S  Bucket List

Amsterdam dominates the world market for tulip bulbs, producing about 4.32 billion tulips annually. Visitors can also visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum at Prinsengracht 116 for a fee of between €3 and €10. For sprawling, never-ending fields of tulips, April is the best month to travel to Amsterdam and the Netherlands. On the third Saturday in January each year, the city also observes National Tulip Day in Dam Square, where more than 200,000 tulips are on display for anyone to freely pick.

2. Nightlife

5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Every Traveller'S  Bucket List

By now you might know that I am a fan of clubbing, dancing and crazy nightlife. A variety of cafés and clubs with shimmering neon lights on the outside make up Amsterdam’s renowned nightlife. The Bloemers is a well-known bar in the eastern section of De Pijp with an outstanding décor that radiates a retro vibe thanks to its timber interior, chandeliers, and vintage posters. It is worthwhile to visit these pubs as well. Tourists also like visiting the red light district in De Wallen and the Museum of Prostitution in Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60H.

3. For the love of cheese and beer

5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Every Traveller'S  Bucket List

Although the Netherlands gave the world Heineken, the best beers may be found in the neighbourhood beer cafés. Some of the best microbreweries to sample Dutch ale include Proeflokaal De Prael, IJ Brewery, Butcher’s Tears, and Oedipus Brewery.

Cheese is what you should choose if you want something more typical of the Dutch cuisine. The nation’s capital is awash in cheese and cheese merchants. They have an entire museum devoted to cheese because they love it so much! You learn everything there is to know about the methods and get to taste some of the best products. You can experience cheese at many cafes, restaurants, and local shops.

4. Coffee shops (They are not really famous for coffee, you know what I mean, right? 😉)

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Amsterdam has legalised marijuana. That’s one of the main factors drawing tourists to this city. The fact that marijuana is traded legally at coffee shops, though, is remarkable. Just coffeeshops, not cafes or coffee houses. These coffee establishments have menus and are allowed to sell cannabis to customers! Pre-rolled joints, space cakes, pure joints, and various types of hashish are all available on the menu, along with their prices and effects. You can only purchase 5gm from a single store, but there are many other businesses all across the city, so you can easily exceed your quota. Visit a café if you’re seeking for coffee.

5. Architecture

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The city is a millennium old. Buildings undoubtedly incorporate a variety of mediaeval, Renaissance, and contemporary elements. The canalside structures that tilt to one side have a certain beauty. There are various explanations for why these buildings appear to be capable of collapsing at any moment. Some claim that the city’s forward leaning was intentional, while others attribute it to the city’s foundation being built on marshy soil and wooden stilts.

In addition, visitors are enthralled by the city’s magnificent landmarks, including the NEMO Science Museum, the EYE Filmmuseum, Scheeovaarthuis, Rijksmuseum, Pathe Tuschinski, Stedelijk Museum, and Westerkerk.

There’s no reason why Amsterdam shouldn’t be on your bucket list. Am I right? Or, am I right? 😜

5 Reasons Why Amsterdam Should Be On Every Traveller'S  Bucket List

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