A woman from Alibaba Group alleged her supervisor and their client raped her after the client event

A Woman From Alibaba Group Alleged Her Supervisor And Their Client Raped Her After The Client Event

A lady wrote a Weibo post that she is an employee of Alibaba, her manager and their client raped her in the hotel when she was on a business trip after they had dinner together. She called the police and also noticed the Alibaba HR department immediately. After days of no response, she decided to spread the word in the Alibaba cafeteria and also post the entire story on Weibo. The post became viral immediately.

She posted online, her manager YiQiang Qu ask her to accompany him on a business trip, she refused because of the typhoon, Qu still coerced her to risk her life to meet the client, she had no choice but to go on the business trip on 27th July.

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The flyer she circulated in the Alibaba cafeteria.
Translation: Alibaba manager YiQiang Qu raped his employee, LaoDing, DingDong, YueEr and JiuRong (HR and other leaders in Alibaba) knew it but didn’t process this case, I ask the company to give me justice.

They met the clients at dinner, Qu said to the clients: “See how nice I am, send a beauty to you guys.” Then he asked her to drink wine with the clients. After she becomes drunk, the client took advantage and started to touch her legs and breasts, even the private part. Qu raped her. (CCTV footage of the hotel confirms her claims).

She cried and called her husband immediately, then they called the police. After she returned to Alibaba, she sued Qu to the HR department and also noticed other leaders in the organization, but there were no responses. After 10 days of the failed appeal, she starts to spread flyers in Alibaba’s cafeteria and also posted on Weibo to protect her rights.

Soon the incident went viral online, Alibaba finally issued an official statement saying it had fired Qu, and will never recruit him again. But they did not mention any legal action against him or how to help the victim.

This is not the first time that the company came under scrutiny. There are some employees who posted about inhumane and obscene Alibaba culture. They specifically mentioned an event called “Ice-break culture” in Alibaba when new employees get a chance to interact and introduce themselves to their fellow colleagues. What’s shocking are the questions hurled at the employees under the guise of “ice-breaker”: “Where you lost your virginity?” “What position you used?” “Did you have an orgasm?” “how many times on that night?”, and they also play some nasty games during the event. Some girls resign immediately after the orientation.

    someone posted on wechat about the alibaba ice-break culture.

Alibaba has a reputation of being scandalous thereby raising serious concerns about the company’s values and culture. For any business, it is never the short-term interests that determine its fate. It’s whether the values of the company are healthy or the entrepreneur has a long-term perspective. Companies that profit from bullying and undisciplined employees are not destined to last.

Written by our Chinese correspondent whose identity we keep anonymous for safety reasons.

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  1. Let me get this straight they ask “are you a virgin and how you did it” to its new recruits? WOW
    China stop playing with your citizens by letting them believe you are all innocent and open your country for actual innocent Chinese to see what you are doing to the world. Expand, enslave, befriend Islamic extremists and kill Islamists in your own country. Your hypocrisy has no bounds.

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