Afghan women living in Qom chanted “Death to Taliban supporters”

Afghan Women Living In Qom Chanted “Death To Taliban Supporters”

Afghan women resident of Qom city in Iran staged a protest against the Taliban seizing power in Afghanistan similar to other Afghans in Mashhad and Tehran. They waved their national flags and had placards against the Taliban in their hands. They chanted slogans like “we do not want the Islamic Emirate,” “we do not want it,” “Death to the traitor Ashraf Ghani,” “Death to Pakistan,” and “Death to Taliban supporters.” On social media, videos showed the Iranian police force crackdown against the Afghan protesters using tasers and guns!

It is announced by the Islamic Republic that any gatherings, protests, and demonstrations against the Taliban terrorist group will be severely suppressed. Added to this, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow the Afghans, nor the Iranian compatriots, to demonstrate against the Taliban on Iranian soil. “Iran will work towards stability” in Afghanistan and is committed to having relations with this neighbouring country, Reisi said.

The Islamic Republic’s current policy towards the Taliban has come under criticism by some media outlets. China previously said that it wants friendly relations with the Taliban. He noted that the ground for contacts with the Taliban had been already prepared by Moscow.

Mourning mothers were arrested following a rally in Azadi Square of Tehran

It is shown by an account covering the gathering of mourning mothers and plaintiffs in Tehran that the police captured protesting mothers after beating them. These are mothers of young martyrs of November 2019 protest against the increase in gasoline price. It was told by a witness that Farhad Mojdam’s mother, Sedigheh Turani, was dragged by some agent on the ground. These mothers have been under interrogation, and the physical condition of some of them is unfavourable. Among the arrested mourning mothers are the mothers of Milad Mohagheghi, Ebrahim Ketabdar, Pejman Gholipour, Farhad Mojaddam, Vahid Damour, Hamid Rasouli’s sister, and Sajjad Rezaei ‘s aunt. The plaintiff’s mothers have been one of the few protesters to gather in public in recent months.

Deadly response to water protests in Iran

According to reports, three protesters were killed in southwestern Khuzestan province in Iran. Reports which are unconfirmed suggest the death toll is probable to be higher. Human rights watchdogs said that Iranian authorities had applied tremendous force against protesters over water shortages in southwestern Iran. Since July 15, 2021, there has been continuing protest held by people from towns and villages in Khuzestan Province, having a sizeable Arab population. Videos that were posted on social media showed security officers using firearms and tear gas at protesters.

An Iranian researcher at Human Rights Watch, Tara Sepehrifar,  said Iranian authorities have a worrying record of responding by gunfire to protesters who are dissatisfied with their economic concerns and adverse living conditions. Government officials must guarantee a right to peaceful protest and stop crackdowns on the protesters. 

Fire on Villagers Protesting Drinking Water Shortages in Khuzestan Province.

There are found to be long-standing concerns about the mismanagement of water resources and oil pollution Across Iran, especially in Khuzestan. The environmentalists have reiterated warnings over decades that development projects in oil-rich Khuzestan, which include the construction of dams, irrigation schemes, and water transfers to neighbouring provinces, will inflict environmental damage and water scarcity and affect a variety of rights. It was told by a member of parliament from Ahvaz that 702 villages in Khuzestan province have no access to drinking water. In the southern and northern parts of the region, livestock is disappearing, and agriculture has become a dream. People in these villages are deprived of piped water, and tankers are used to supply water.  It has been stated by the UN Human Rights Committee in its General Opinion No. 37 that firearms are not suitable for police to disperse rallies. Law enforcement officials should use only guns in situations that are necessary to counter the immediate threat of death or severe injury. There are also several problems with internet access reported by Iranian users and journalists. During protests over the past three years, access to information has been restricted by the authorities.

The number of Iranians who died of the coronavirus has exceeded 100,000

Nearly 600 people died due to Corona in the last 24 hours in Iran. Based on Johns Hopkins University statistics, Iran is the fourth largest country in terms of corona infection. It is announced by the Iranian ministry of health that the total number of vaccination has reached 21 million and 490 thousand doses, including first and second doses of the corona vaccine in Iran. But there is found to be a vaccination disaster in Iran. The distance between receiving each dose of the Sinopharm vaccine must be three weeks, while some Iranians have been given their second dose after 2-3 months! There are also doubts among Iranians about the quality of vaccines. Are they real Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, or Sputnik vaccines? Or are they just distilled water injected in the name of an actual dose of vaccine? Or maybe they are the Barekat vaccine of Iran not yet verified? The number of infected people in Iran is what raises all of these questions. There have been 4.840 billion doses of the Corona vaccine injection worldwide, but the vaccination speed in Iran is deficient.

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Medical workers tend to coronavirus patients at rasoul akram hospital in tehran, iran on october 20. Fatemeh bahrami/anadolu agency/getty images

Seven months ago, the Iran Supreme leader Called the English and American vaccines Haram, while at the same moment, he orders the widespread supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which English and the USA produce. Earlier the ban on importing Corona American and British vaccines has put Iranian citizens in serious trouble. The fifth wave of Coronavirus delta species has invaded Iran cities. Ninety-two cities of Iran are in the red situation. With more than 3,270,000 people infecting with Corona, 84,949 people lost their lives. In these critical situations, Iranians can hold funeral ceremonies for Imam Hossein, the grandchild of prophet Mohamad who had fought for Islam a thousand years ago. Attending these rituals without observing the corona protocols make this disaster worse. It is worth mentioning that Iran’s currency is the cheapest globally, and Iranians, as the poorest people in the world, cannot afford to stay in quarantine and leave their jobs for a while.

Written by Mahtan from Iran

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