It Cosmetics – An Honest Review

It Cosmetics – An Honest Review

Getting to Know ‘It Cosmetics’

Finding the beauty brand that can make you feel like a million bucks without costing as much is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are countless brands, each promising to turn us into a goddess, and yet, how many deliver on that promise? How many brands offer that magical concoction that can make your skin feel like it’s been kissed by the sun, even in the dead of winter?

Among the ocean of beauty brands, It Cosmetics is one name that has been making waves. But are these waves worth riding? This comprehensive review aims to dissect It Cosmetics, giving you the scoop on whether their beauty potions are worth the hype. Let’s dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of It Cosmetics – an honest review.

So, What’s in the Pot? Breaking Down ‘It Cosmetics’ Product Line

Your Skin But Better (YSBB) Foundation + Skincare

Imagine, if you will, a foundation that not only gives your skin a natural, flawless finish but also nourishes it from within. The Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare is such a dream come true. With a feather-light formula, it manages to blur out those pesky skin imperfections without making you feel like you’ve slathered on layers of makeup.

  1. Foundation and skincare in one: Talk about killing two birds with one stone! This foundation is not just about making your skin look good, it’s also about making your skin feel good.
  2. Hydrating yet not oily: This beauty elixir hydrates your skin without making it oily. It’s a godsend, especially if you have combination or oily skin.
  3. A shade for every skin tone: This foundation comes in a variety of shades, making it inclusive and catering to every skin tone.

But let’s not put all our eggs in one basket. Some users with drier skin types have mentioned needing a bit more hydration than this product offers.

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

No one needs to know if you pulled an all-nighter or have inherited stubborn dark circles. The Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer is your secret weapon to cover up those unwelcome under-eye guests. Its creamy texture glides onto your skin without creasing or cracking, and stays put throughout the day.

  1. High coverage formula: Say goodbye to dark circles and hello to bright, youthful-looking eyes. This concealer has got you covered – literally.
  2. No creasing or cracking: No need to worry about your concealer giving away your secret halfway through the day. This concealer stays put without creasing or cracking.
  3. Long-lasting: This concealer sticks by you, through thick and thin, all day long.

But remember, all good things in moderation. Overdoing it with this concealer can make your under-eye area look cakey.

Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer

For those days when your skin feels like it’s stuck in a desert, the Confidence in a Cream Hydrating Moisturizer is your oasis. It moisturizes your skin, without making it feel like you have an oil slick on your face.

  1. Hydration without the heaviness: This moisturizer infuses your skin with much-needed hydration, without making it feel heavy or greasy.
  2. Suitable for daily use: You can use this moisturizer every day without worrying about it clogging your pores.
  3. Smooth and soft skin: Regular use of this moisturizer can make your skin feel as soft as a baby’s.

But wait, there’s a fly in the ointment. This moisturizer does have a strong fragrance, which might not sit well with those sensitive to scents.

‘It Cosmetics’ – An Honest Review: Separating the Chaff from the Wheat

In the sea of beauty brands, what makes It Cosmetics stand out? Is it worth jumping onto the bandwagon? Here’s the lowdown on why It Cosmetics is a brand worth considering:

  1. Quality over Quantity: It Cosmetics isn’t about mindlessly pushing out products. They focus on creating products that actually make a difference, that you can see and feel on your skin.
  2. Inclusivity in Shades: No matter your skin tone, you are likely to find your match with It Cosmetics. They’ve got a diverse range of shades, embracing inclusivity in beauty.
  3. Prioritizing Skin Health: It Cosmetics goes beyond superficial beauty. Their products are designed to nourish and protect your skin, as well as make it look good.
  4. Value for Money: Yes, their products are not the cheapest. But considering the quality and the results, it’s money well spent.

But it’s not all roses. Some products from It Cosmetics have a strong fragrance, and a few of their products might not be hydrating enough for those with drier skin.


  1. Are ‘It Cosmetics’ products worth the investment? If you value quality over quantity, then It Cosmetics can be worth the investment. Their products are not cheap, but they deliver on their promises, making them a good investment for your skincare and makeup routine.
  2. Are ‘It Cosmetics’ products suitable for sensitive skin? While It Cosmetics caters to a broad demographic, some products do contain fragrances, which can be a potential irritant for sensitive skin. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test before using the product fully.
  3. Does ‘It Cosmetics’ test on animals? No, It Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand. They do not test their products on animals.
  4. Are ‘It Cosmetics’ products vegan? Not all products from It Cosmetics are vegan. Some contain animal-derived ingredients. Always check the product details before purchasing if you’re looking for vegan options.

As we wrap up this comprehensive review of It Cosmetics, it’s clear that this is a brand that does quite a bit right. Their focus on quality, skin health, and inclusivity in shades is commendable. However, beauty is highly personal, and what works for one might not work for another. So while It Cosmetics is a brand worth considering, the final decision should be based on your unique skin needs. With this honest review, we hope you can make an informed choice when it comes to It Cosmetics. Happy experimenting!

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