19-Year-Old Dies After Eating Chicken Shawarma in Mumbai, Food Vendors Arrested

19-Year-Old Dies After Eating Chicken Shawarma In Mumbai, Food Vendors Arrested
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Mumbai, May 9th, 2024: Two roadside food vendors in Mumbai have been arrested after a 19-year-old man named Prathamesh Bhokse died from suspected food poisoning. Bhokse fell ill after eating chicken shawarma from their stall in Trombay on May 3rd.

Details of the Incident:

  • Prathamesh Bhokse and his uncle ate shawarma from the stall on May 3rd.
  • Shortly after, Bhokse experienced stomach pain and vomiting.
  • He was initially treated at a local hospital but his condition worsened.
  • Bhokse was admitted to KEM Hospital on May 5th and again on Sunday, May 7th, where he tragically died on Monday.
  • Police identified the arrested vendors as Anand Kamble and Mohammad Ahmed Raiza Shaikh.
  • A case has been registered against them under sections 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Food Safety Concerns:

This incident highlights the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the importance of food safety practices. Here are some tips to prevent food poisoning:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after handling food.
  • Ensure all meats and poultry are cooked to safe internal temperatures using a food thermometer.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by keeping raw meat separate from ready-to-eat foods and using separate utensils and cutting boards.
  • Store leftovers properly in airtight containers and consume them within a safe timeframe.
  • Reheat leftovers to an appropriate temperature to kill harmful bacteria.

Previous Shawarma-Related Incidents:

Sadly, this isn’t the first time shawarma has been linked to food poisoning outbreaks. Here are some recent examples:

  • October 2023: A young man in Kerala died after eating shawarma, with a post-mortem report indicating septicemia (bloodstream infection).
  • April 2022: Over 50 people fell ill and one person died in Kerala after consuming shawarma.
  • September 2022: A 14-year-old girl died in Tamil Nadu after eating shawarma, with several others hospitalized.

What is Shawarma?

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern street food consisting of thinly sliced, marinated meat (usually lamb or chicken) stacked in a cone and cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The cooked meat is then shaved off and typically served wrapped in flatbread with various toppings and sauces.

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