Being an Indian Girl!

Being An Indian Girl!
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Are you an Indian? Or do you have any Indian friend, probably a girl? If yes, then this article is for you.

Struggles of being the daughter of a middle class household:

*Cooking- Being a girl of 18-19 years, you’re expected to know how to cook all essentials like chapati, curry, etc. kyuki saas sasur ko pasta khilaogi kya? (Will you feed pasta to your in laws?)

*Dressing- After a certain age, you’re supposed to wear decent clothes like salwar or full length jeans before you move out of the house. No off shoulders and shorts in locality!!

*Sleeping Habits- No phone after 11:00 pm and no late night gossips. Jaldi na uthne ko lekar taane bhi suno (listen to taunts because you sleep till late). Aur vo padosiyon ki beti to humesha 5 baje hi uth jaati h! (The neighbor’s daughter always wakes up at 5 am)

*Talking- Talking too much to neighbours and other boys irritate our parents a lot. Bahut zyada!!!( A lottttttttttttttttttt)

*Mood Swings- Indian households ki ek aur problem! (Another problem of an Indian Household). Mom Dad ke mood swings kabhi khatm hi nhi hote yaar! Har baat pe taane sunate h. (The mood swings of Indian parents are never ending. They can taunt you on anything and everything)

These are a few things that are commonly heard in an Indian household. Many of their daughters complain about these topics. So what exactly is the solution to these continuous taunts????
Let’s make the solution if we don’t find one!

Why do you need to learn cooking?
Because isme problem hi kya hai?(What’s the problem?) You’ll learn a new skill gurl!!! Don’t do it under societal pressure but do it because tadaaa you’ll be multi-talented then.

* Bahar jaao to jeans kyu? (Why should I wear long jeans before going out?)
Because darling, sun tan naam ki bhi koi chiz hoti hai! (You can become a victim of sun tan, mosquito bites and several other problems like this)

Hum jaldi kyu soye ya uthe? Kyu hum padosiyon ki beti ko copy kare? (Why should I sleep or wake up early and Why the hell would I copy the neighbor’s daughter?)
Try to read about any successful person’s lifestyle, they wake up earlier than the voice of the hen!

Matlab hadd hai! Ab kya baat karne par bhi paabandi hai? (What the fuck! Now I can’t even talk much?)
Again, read about inspirational people. They’ll tell you how less they speak. Kyuki jitna zyada bologe, itne raaz khologe, so shhhh….(The more you talk, the more you reveal your plans and secrets).

Ye sab to thik hai par itne taane kyu? (Why would I want to hear so many taunts?)
Vo isiliye kyuki tum konse kam dheet ho? Ek baar mei sunn lete to aisi naubat hi nahi aati na! (That’s because you’re not any less stubborn, they wouldn’t taunt you if you’d have listened to them in the first place).

These are few common comments by parents and society which leads teenagers into overthinking and getting upset or depressed and some ways to take these comments in a positive way.

[Additional Tip: # Don’t overthink about the taunts.
# Live your life to the fullest kyuki kuch to log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna (people will say something or the other because it’s their job to do so).
# Never ignore what your parents say!]

Just know that your parents love you no matter how you are and you should not think too much or feel upset about something they say.

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About the Author

Priyanka Sharma is just a simple high school pass out on the peak of teenage who loves to read and write down her random thoughts confining them into pages. 

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