61-year-old Kenyan man, David Kaluhana, has 15 wives and 107 children, says he is like King Solomon

61-Year-Old Kenyan Man, David Kaluhana, Has 15 Wives And 107 Children, Says He Is Like King Solomon
đź“· David Kaluhana with some of his wives and children. (Image: screenshot from the documentary)

David Sakayo Kaluhana, who was featured in a YouTube documentary by Afrimax, has 15 wives and 107 children in all, and he claims they all live in peace.

This 61-year-old man in West Kenya compares himself to the famous King Solomon – not just for his knowledge but also for the size of his family.

His “genius” is what brought Kaluhana so many wives. He is a historian who has devoured several volumes, and in his tribe, such men only appear every few generations or so.

I married many wives because I am too smart for one woman. Kaluhana

Kaluhana says he is like Solomon – the monarch of ancient Israel mentioned in the Old Testament – who had “a total of 1000 wives”.

Some of his wives, including Jessica, Dorin, and Rose, claim in the video that they never had long-lasting jealousy over the new spouses since he divides his time between them.

“We are living a good life, loving each other,” says one of the wives, Rose David Kaluhana, who has had 15 children with him.

This incredibly huge family is fed in part by the income he makes from his travels and talks among other tribes, and the wives divide up the home duties among themselves.

The video received over 260 thousand views in less than two days, and the comment section displayed a mix of surprise and rage.

“I wonder if he knows the names of all his children and which wife he had them with,” said a user.

“They say they are Alright but why I cant feel what they are saying..All I can see is sadness in their eyes,” commented another.

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