Diary Of A Forty Plus: When Are We Ladies Going To Speak About How Aroused We Too Can Feel?

Diary Of A Forty Plus: When Are We Ladies Going To Speak About How Aroused We Too Can Feel?
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Hi, I am the Eagle.

The feeling is so great that I can’t help myself from writing this in my diary, and if I plan to publish it, I might because I do want to know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or whether I have landed from Mars.

I feel sexy and am always ready for sex play. Is it normal, ladies? I want to try every type of sex play this world can offer. All the positions to begin with and all the tools that will give me pleasure. And the most surprising element is that I don’t want it from the same person. I am attracted to many. Sometimes I am sapiosexual. I just fall for it. Then I fall for men with attitude.

Oh my God, the world is filled with so many diversions. How can one be satisfied by one? Now who will pass judgement? Am I OK, or have I reached the stage that I love to break all the rules made by the so-called society of ours?

Should I be worried of the names I might get to my thought process or should I hide it. Is it ok to publish these words under my own name or do I need to hide under an anonyms tag?

Do I need to think a zillion times to write about my own feelings of sexual adventure? When will we start to speak and enjoy the experience? 

When are we ladies going to come out and speak about how aroused we too can feel? When are we going to keep Kamasutra editions on our bookshelves? Is it hard to understand that women, after they reach the prime age of forty, may be interested in sex?

So, from today I am going to share my experiences here.

Take care, ladies.

We too need some source of energy to flow between our lips of love. I meant to say clitoris.

Bye for now.

Gayatri P

About the Author:

Gayatri P is a postgraduate in English. She takes tuition and writes for websites.

We provide an outlet for feminist expression, whether it’s poetry, articles, stories, opinions, etc. Email your work to admin@real-shepower.com and we will consider publishing it.

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