13 Behaviors That Will Make People Respect You Instantly

13 Behaviors That Will Make People Respect You Instantly

Respect is the foundation of healthy interpersonal relationships. It’s an important currency you need in order to feel fulfilled, confident and successful – and that people are willing to give you. But how do you get it?

Whether it’s your boss, your date, or even a stranger on the street, there are many behaviors you can use to ensure people are always grateful for your company. In this article we explore 13 behaviors that make people instantly respect you more and how they work.

1. Talk less:

When you talk less, people tend to listen more. If you can say what you need to say in a few words, people will appreciate your brevity. Furthermore, by talking less, you give other people a chance to share their own thoughts and ideas. This shows that you are respectful of others’ opinions and that you value open communication.

2. Make eye contact:

Another way to show respect is by making eye contact when you talk to someone. This shows that you are interested in what they have to say and that you are paying attention to them. Making eye contact also conveys confidence and helps to build trust.

3. Be positive:

It’s important to be positive when interacting with others. This shows that you are optimistic and friendly, and that you want to make things pleasant for everyone involved. People will naturally be drawn to you and will respect you more when you are positive.

13 Behaviors That Will Make People Respect You Instantly

4. Be helpful:

If you see someone struggling, offer to help them out. This could be something as simple as carrying their groceries for them or giving them directions. Showing that you are willing to help others shows that you are kind and considerate, two qualities that people respect.

5. Be honest:

People will always respect you more if you are honest with them. This means being truthful about your thoughts and feelings and not trying to hide anything from them.

6. Be punctual:

When you are punctual, it shows that you respect other people’s time. This is especially important in professional settings. Being punctual conveys that you are reliable and that you can be counted on to show up when you say you will.

7. Dress well:

Dressing well is a sign of respect for yourself and for others. When you take the time to dress neatly and professionally, it shows that you care about making a good impression. Furthermore, dressing well can boost your confidence, which will help you in all areas of life.

8. Be confident:

People tend to respect those who are confident in themselves. This is because confidence shows that you know what you’re doing and that you’re comfortable in your own skin. It also shows that you’re willing to take risks and that you’re not afraid of challenges.

13 Behaviors That Will Make People Respect You Instantly

9. Be respectful:

Respect is one of the most important things in any relationship, whether it’s personal or professional. When you show respect for others, they’ll be more likely to respect you in return. Respectful behavior includes things like listening when someone else is talking, not interrupting, and being polite.

10. Be humble:

Humble people are usually respected more than those who seem arrogant or full of themselves. This is because humility shows that you’re aware of your own limitations and that you’re not trying to act like you’re better than anyone else. Humility also shows that you’re willing to learn from others and that you value their opinions.

11. Use please and thank you:

Using manners is a great way to show respect for others. Saying please and thank you shows that you appreciate what the other person has done for you. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in how someone feels about you.

12. Be less available:

One of the best ways to make people respect you more is to be less available. If you’re always available, people will take you for granted. But if you’re not always available, people will start to see you as a valuable commodity. They’ll know that they have to work harder to get your attention, and they’ll appreciate you more when they do.

It’s not just about being unavailable physically, but also emotionally. If you’re always ready to listen to someone’s problems and offer advice, they’ll start to see you as a crutch. But if you’re not always available emotionally, people will know that they have to be careful with how they approach you. They’ll know that you’re not going to put up with their BS, and they’ll respect you more for it.

So if you want to be respected more, start by being less available. It’ll make a world of difference.

13. Say no:

It can be difficult to say no, especially when you feel like you are being pressured by someone. However, saying no shows that you have boundaries and that you are not a pushover. People will respect you more if you are able to stand up for yourself and set boundaries. If someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do or that is not in your best interest, simply say no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your decision. Just say no firmly and politely, and move on.


If you want to earn people’s respect, start by exhibiting these 13 behaviors. From being punctual and honest to lending a helping hand and being a good listener, these are all qualities that will make you respected by those around you. So put them into practice the next time you’re interacting with others and see how quickly their perception of you changes for the better.

13 Behaviors That Will Make People Respect You Instantly

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