Do you have friends? Are you sure they are your friends? Let’s find out!

Do You Have Friends? Are You Sure They Are Your Friends? Let’S Find Out!

Life is tough. It’s just like a roller coaster ride which is full of emotions like love, happiness, jealousy, possessiveness, pain, regret and many more. Ever wondered where do these emotions come from? People and our relationship with them. If not for them, our life would be the same as that of a robot. To live our life to the fullest, relationships are important to an extent. After being born, we’re introduced to the world by our parents, siblings and other family members. We start loving them unconditionally without even knowing. Then comes a new chapter in our life, which we all know as “Friendship”.

What is friendship?

It’s an instant connection that we feel strongly for someone and the bond that we want to last forever.

Who is a friend?

A person who knows your deepest and darkest secret and preserves it in their heart. The one who knows when to give you space and when to embrace you with your fears. When you first meet them, you feel like they’re too arrogant and not someone whose existence you’d like in your life. But when you start talking to them, you want the time to stop. You discuss almost everything with them in the first few hours of your conversation. They’ll easily become an important part in your life. You will think and and care about them and you’ll thrash everyone who hurts them. They immediately become that one person whom you wanna travel the world with! If you’ve shared a strong bond of friendship with someone, you’d know the feeling. Friendship isn’t dependent on how much things do you have in common or since how many years do you know each other. Sometimes your childhood friend isn’t as close to you as the person you met months ago. A friend is a creature who accepts your perspective of life and the one whose opinions are respected by you. You may not think the same about things, you may not look at life the same way as the other but what matters here the most is trust and acceptance. If this exists in your relationship with someone, congratulations, you have the true friendship that people talk about and search everywhere.

How can friendship affect you?

In most of the cases, friendship makes a person better. Friends teach you to trust each other. They know what’s good for you if they’re actually your well wisher. That is why we hear people say, “Choose friends wisely” because a friend influences us the most. Normally they’re of the same age as ours and so we find their actions and activities more enticing and fascinating.

Sometimes we blindly follow our friend’s doing which is absolutely wrong. Yes you can adopt the good habits that they have but please stay away from the bad ones habits that they have inculcated in their routine. In this situation, I’d suggest you try to help your friend get rid of the bad habits which may physically or mentally harm them or their loved ones. The most interesting thing is that we choose our friends. We can’t really choose our family or our next generation which is our kids. But we sure can choose whom to befriend. So my fellow beautiful homo sapiens, choose wisely!

Why are friends called family?

We consider friends as our family outside family, because our relationship is based on the same principles in both the cases. We’re honest and truthful with them. We trust them. We care about them. We believe in them when they have self-doubt. They will always look for ways to improve us and keep us on the right track when we’re lost. They support our right decisions and correct our wrong ones. They are always there for us. All of this is what family does for you! So in a way, your friends resemble your family.

How to know if the person is your true friend or is pretending to be one?

If the person you call your true friend is actually trust worthy, he/she would show it with their actions. So observe their actions and not words! They won’t judge you for being you. They will give you their true opinion on everything you do but they will never let self-doubt come near you. They may crack harmless jokes or pull pranks on you, but they understand you more than you know. They know when we’re actually hurt or happy. They respect us, our carreer choices, our relationships and your bond with them. They’re generally the people whom you can talk to for hours without getting bored or realising the time. They won’t be envious of our success and they won’t ever mock you on your failure. Instead they will have your back and give you a push when you think life is over.

The feeling of Friendship can’t be explained. It is a raw emotion which we feel in the depth of our heart. I wanted to write more but I’m short of words about how beautiful friendship is!

[P.S. I wrote this article with the help of my BFF Shweta. She may not have dictated which words to write but she sure as hell made me feel the things that I wrote about in this article. She changed my life for good. She may have laughed at me a lot which I don’t mind, but never did she hurt me intentionally. She is and always have been there for me just like I do for her. I have had the best two and a half years of my life with her. I’m lucky to have her in my life. We do have our fair share of arguments every now and then but we still didn’t let it affect our friendship. She is my long lost sister. Her Possessive nature is sometimes annoying but I sure as hell like it when she says “Don’t you dare find a new best friend because you’re my bestie for this lifetime”. If you’re reading this Shweta, just know that I love you!

Featured image: Sam Manns/Unsplash

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